Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sea Rock

Rock On!

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A surprise treat from a colleague landed us here! Though being a multi-cuisine restaurant, I had heard very good reviews on their sea food / mangalore cuisine and the much talked about “neer dosa”. I had decided on neer dosa the moment I gotta know we are going there for lunch. The restaurant is on the 1st and the 2nd floor of the complex. The ambience in the 1st floor is so-so and the food here costs slightly lesser. Heard, the dining hall here, most of the times is filled with men who love to drink. The 2nd floor dining hall is brightly lit and has an ambience apt for family. It has a huge aquarium and good colorful collection of fishes in it. This was a big hit with the kids. They just covered it up and were trying to scare the fish. A small chandelier each for 2 set of tables from the bright red false roof was looking pretty!

For starters, we wanted to try the veg platter, but, we were told, the quantity would be huge and for the 2 of us, it would be as good as lunch. So, we opted for Crispy babycorn. This was tried and tasted. Hence, was recommended by my colleague.
They took their own sweet time to serve this. Almost half an hour or a little more than half an hour I guess!
This was served with some kinda garlic chutney. I had never tasted this combination before and it did impress me.

As decided, we ordered the neer dosa with drumstick curry. Well, it was a finger licking experience though my colleague said, it tasted better on other days compared to what we had. I was completely full with the 2 neer dosas and was gleeful at the end of the meal.
Itseems they also make awesome biryani but, unfortunately, I’ve kept it pending for the next time.

People in South Bangalore who love mangalorean cuisine, could try this out!!

Sea Rock is located @ 22/A&B, Lakshmi Towers, RV Road, Near South End Circle, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Phone 9243404274, 41314376


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