Friday, January 30, 2009

Yellow Fields

For Paratha Lovers in E-City

If you are working in electronics city, it’s a clear indication you don’t have much choice to eat what you wish to.
Yellow Fields is one of those very few and a good option one may want to try out. They serve varieties of yummy paranthas. It could be gobi, mooli, paneer, dal, laccha, plain, butter, vegetable etc.. with a few choices of gravies such as paneer butter masala, channa, mix veg gravy etc.. My personal favorite here, is Gobi parantha with curd and pickle.
They also serve ghee rice, plain rice and the jeera rice.

Its a small place with a very few tables. Please be ready to share your tables with your counter parts from the neighboring IT companies closeby as it gets terribly crowded during the lunch hour. Else go there little early / post lunch hour to leisurely enjoy your paranthas.
To have different taste from the mundane office canteen, try the Yellow Fields

Yellow Fields is located @ Shop No. 5/6, KVSR Plaza, 10 & 11, 2nd Cross, Electronics City, Bangalore
Phone 4146699

Landmark: Near Dominos

Hotel Mangala

Mushy Khali Dosas and Crispy Rava Vadas

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It was a nostalgic experience for me when I went to Hotel Mangala after so many years. Relocating to different areas in Bangalore is like relocating to different city. Rarely get a chance to go back and due to distance and traffic, we plan to go only if it’s a necessity. This time, I made up my mind to go there to eat. As usual, the place was crowded and over flowing with people, the waiter taking the orders and passing on the same to the cooks in the open kitchen. And coming out to give the people who are waiting for their parcels. It’s a small place with a few tables, clean and well maintained. One would notice the old boards for menu and another which reads “ bisi neeru doreyutthade” (Hot water available). We ordered our regular lip smacking masala dosa, khali dosa, vada, rava vada and ofcourse the coffee. How can a breakfast or a snack in Bangalore end without a cup of hot coffee :) You would also love the khara bath, kesari bath, chow chow bath and the poori they serve. One of the heritage places in Bangalore

Hotel Mangala is located @ 4th Cross, Hanumantha nagar, Basavanagudi, Bangalore

Rajavardhan Foods

Amchi Mumbai in Namma Bengaluru

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I went there with a Maharashtrian friend of mine and he was delighted to eat all those he’s been missing for quite a while. Started with Dabeli and I was bowled over, though my friend was telling me whats missing in it, what should be added more, how can they make it better etc... I continued to relish the food, got too involved and did not pay much attention to what my friend was saying. Later we tried the Sabudana khichdi, sabudana vada and the shrikhand puri. Wow!! Am drooling again. Cant wait to go back for more.

Saw the glee in my friend’s eyes. Had never seen him so happy after he moved to Bangalore. He immediately called up his mum and told her he’s found a place which serves the maharashtrian food and she was excited too :) My friend had a complain… he was unhappy about the prices and was comparing it with his hometown. Well, for us it’s a delicacy and it comes with a price
We had a happy return to our respective places with a overloaded stomach

Rajavardhan Foods is loated @ 1291, 25th Main Road, 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 26540132

Landmark: Next to ICICI ATM

Boca Grande

For all the Big Mouths..

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This place caught my eye the previous day when I was heading for dinner in koramangala. Next day, a colleague also spoke about his experience here. This was enough and I could not wait longer to go there.

Boca Grande is made up in a house converted to an eat out. You could park your bikes / cars in the vacant site next to it. The portico nicely designed is completely used for the dining purpose.

When you enter, on the left hand side, neatly placed tables on the pebbles would be found with a small waterfall towards the wall. There are a few more tables placed in front of the entrance.
They have used a black stone slab for the tables placed here. As you go in, you would find a huge hall ahead with the ice cream, salad counter placed on the right hand side. Take a few steps to the mezzanine floor to find the dining area. When we went, there was a party going on here hosted by an IT major in Bangalore.

One would find the kitchen with a semi transparent door - the idea is to let the visitors have a sneak peek into the kitchen and know whats going on there. Next to it is a stair way which takes you to the first floor lounge where the chic and trendy couches and the big flat screen TVs are found and one would find people who are leisurely spending time here, feeling @ home, comfortable leaning on the sofa and resting their legs on the table.
There’s also a space for shopping :) you find designer clothes to artifacts to the feng shui stuffs for sale!!
Welcome to Boca Grande!! I am sure with the kind of service offerings they have, my kinda people would barge in more frequently.

Boca Grande which means “Big Mouth” in Spanish and Italian, they call themselves a lounge pad and a place to meet, greet and most definitely eat. It’s a restaurant, cafĂ©, dessert bar and ice cream bar.. This is a joint venture between Java City and Flavors and is completely wi-fi enabled and an added advantage for our techies in Bangalore.

My friend and I opted to sit in the portico. The ash tray on the table had a piece of chalk in it. Though tried to figure out why that was there initially, we realized, it was for us to use it to play games using the table slab as the board!! Oh yes! They offer multiple games… from board games to others at no extra cost.

I could also notice a number of quirky statements on their walls which definitely attracts the attention. Now, coming to the substance – the food, let me start with the menu card. It came in a big paper bag and was like a jigsaw puzzle. Different cards for desserts, ice creams, pizzas, salads, pastas, drinks etc.. Each card had segregations - Herbigorge (Veg) and Omnigorge (Non-veg).

We ordered the black current American soda pop and I selfishly sipped to my satisfaction. It was served in a huge glass and wish I had more. Just loved it. The potato wedges spicy was the best I have ever tasted till date. Pizza comes in one standard size (medium). This one is definitely something that needs a mention here. Made of thin crust and crispy to taste. A Must try!! Finally, we came to an end and relished the Rum to hell (rum and raisin) and the brownie sundae ice cream.

We very badly wanted to try Oooozy Goooozy which is their speciality. Thanks to the waiters who informed us that it would take atleast 30 minutes to prepare as its baked fresh. Next time, I’d make sure I order it in prior and enjoy what I am craving for.

Look out for some live music from the famous bands and the amateur college bands, merchandising (Mugs and T-Shirts) and the Breakfast menu soon.

For the 2 of us, the bill was around 400 plus. I’d definitely recommend this place for all those who are wanting to have a different experience, leisurely spend time, play games, enjoy the food from breakfast to dinner with lip smacking drinks (FYI: Alcohol is not served here) It’s a place not just to have food, but definitely enjoy and take back the experience along and come back for more A biiiig thumbs up for Boca Grande!!

Service : Good
Place : Cool
Ambience : Super Cool
Food : Super Duper
Price : Worth All the Above

Boca Grande is located @ 606, 8th Block, Near Bethany High School, Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone 41105183, 41110889

Landmark: Digonally opp Police Station


Mughul-e-Burrp :)

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Caught up with so many of my old friends / colleagues after a long time and I suggested we should go to umerkot based on the burrp reviews. Believe me, they were all very happy looking at the place.
This place is built on mughlai theme. Akbar, the Mughlai king was born in Umerkot and that’s how, this restaurant got its name and theme. They've tried to give a royal touch by making the floor shiny too apart from the lighting and the hangings

All of us, straight from work, headed to our table which was booked in advance. The settee was apt for us to relax after the hectic day. We started ordering our drinks and starters and just could not wait them to get on to our table. We were all damn hungry

The drinks were the usual. The corn and the chicken starters were good and the masala papad had had 3 small papads per plate. There was also a complimentary Papdi with a unique chutney. It tasted very different and yum :) The main course was the rotis, kulchas, naans with subz jugalbandi which had all the English vegetables more than the Mughlai with mughul masala. The Dal Makhni was cooked to perfection. The non-veggies loved chicken to the core. It left them wanting for more….

Desserts – Gajar and Khajur ka halwa and the Gulab Jamoon were out of the world!!
For the 7 of us, the bill was 5.5K Overall a good experience and recommended for a different dining experience

Umerkot is located @ No. 30, 80 Ft Road, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone 25500426

SLV Corner

For a Fast Grub

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My friend and I had been planning to meet for a while in vain, finally on a ad hoc decision, met up during the office hours for lunch in SLV Corner. Somebody told me, food here tastes better than the other closeby restaurants.

My friend, being a jain doesn’t eat onion and garlic and a few other vegetables. So, keeping all this in mind, we stepped into SLV. Both of us were too hungry and had sooooooooo much to talk, we quickly placed our order for starters. It was Vegetable Cashew without onion and garlic and the quantity served was huge for the two of us. I, for a second thought, my lunch would be complete with the starters alone.

Hmmm… it was yummy. Never had tried this one with my own presumptions. It was cooked with the right ingredients and I really thought I should this and nothing else for lunch.

For the main course, we ordered the rotis, naans with paneer butter masala (this is the only thing my friend eats) and navarathna kurma without onion and garlic. Never knew these things would taste so good without the flavor of onion and garlic. We came out completely satisfied and overloaded.

The dining hall was not well lit, gets too crowded during the lunch hour so make sure you reach the place little early and yeah, it gets too noisy too during the peak hours. To conclude, I would say, ambience was Ok, food and the service were good. For a quick grub, you could head to SLV Corner if you are loitering around Basavanagudi

SLV Corner is located @ 42 Ramakrishna Ashrama Complex, Vani Vilas Road, Nr Hopcoms, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Phone 26609671, 26509423

Lanmark: Near Ramakrishna Ashram


Tandoori Destination

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It’s a home converted into a restaurant. The drawing hall and the living area is used for the dining purpose.
People who are looking for a very hi-fi place and a great ambiance, need not even think of entering this place.

Total true foodies, not too bothered about the ambience, who are looking for a very tasty, home cooked kind of a food (specially Punjabi cuisine), clean and decent place with quick service can head to Tashan
The rotis and naans are very soft, unlike rubber in a few places, the gravy is delicious without the dollop of butter and oil floating on it.

Tandoori chicken and Tangdi Kebab are best amongst the non-veg tandoor items available here.
Butter masala and the Veg Fried rice were definitely something that cant be missed mentioning.

Overall, a very good place for tandoori cuisine. Felt as though it was home made :)

Tashan is located @ No. 204, 4th Cross, 3rd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore
Phone 41125127, 9341979627

Vidyarthi Bhavan

With a Brand New Avatar

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I have been going to this place since my childhood and love the dosas here. Also, I have heard the stories about the consistency in the taste from people who are visiting this place for generations.

There used to be a time, where this place was small and very congested, people just thralling to be seated. In this kind of a situation, I have had the chance to sit on the small bench next to the kitchen where we had to hold the plates in our hands to eat the dosa. Never regretted coz’ the aim was to eat dosa. It never mattered how we ate it :)
Later, they made some changes wrt the structure, expanded it. The narrowness continued to exist but it the dining hall became much longer. We were happy to see more space initially though waiting and struggling to catch hold of a table was a common thing soon.

Now, Vidyarthi Bhavan comes with a new avatar. It was closed temporarily for a few days for the renovation. And now they are back with a bang… There’s a clean waiting area with benches arranged. And the dining hall looks pretty big and spacious with a few extra tables. The roof is no more the same. Its covered with mangalore hench which has given lots of room to the natural light. The caricatures of the famous writers and poets like kuvempu, bendre, girish karnad, gangubai hanagal, ananthaswamy and many others still exist on their walls.

Taste wise, who do not mind greasy dosas (only ghee and butter is used), the crunchy rava vada and the typical Bangalore filter coffee, this is the place to be. The way they serve dosas itself is a speciality. The entire arm of the waiter would be covered with the plates, the generous chutney fills the entire plate any number of times you want. Finally a tissue paper is issued to you to wipe of the grease from your hand unlike previously where they used to give the cut out of newpapers

I love the dosas here and would not mind the amount of ghee and the butter added to it. Love it that way :)

FYI: Dosas now here, are more expensive after renovation. It costs us 20 bucks!!!

Vidyarthi Bhavan is located @ 32, Gandhi Bazaar, Near Gandhi Bazaar Circle, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Phone 26677588

Landmark: Near Gandhi Bazaar Circle


For Authentic Chinese Cuisine

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I had seen and heard about this posh and hip place and was waiting to get there. Finally landed there for lunch on a weekend. Though I was a little apprehensive initially if I would get the table as I went there without booking the same, surprise awaited me!!! Luckily, the restaurant wasn’t much crowded :)

The moment you enter, the spacious lounge and the waiting area attracts your attention. Its interiors - spic and span, chic and trendy with the white and the crimson red combination all over. You would also notice some Feng Shui hangings all over. The curtains were also in white and red combination – white on the inner layer to allow the light pass through it and the red one on the outer layer to block the light. Both had the wooden support at the end. Whatever, it attracts the attention.

The moment you enter, the waitress greets you with a wide and warm smile and helps you move towards the desired table. All of them were in the red and black attire.

The main hall is huge and long, there are two huge cabin kind of rooms on the right hand side which had settees. It provided ample privacy for the people in large groups. I could see some corporate group, big family and gang of friends creating cacophony there.

Move ahead and on to the left hand side, you enter the other part of the restaurant which is a separate dining area by itself and looks very different from what has been described above. You move into a new arena there. One can here the water slowly falling on the chipped and straight stoned wall. There’s a small sunken dining area too. Well decorated and consists the furniture made of mahogany wood.

The moment you settle there and start looking @ the menu card, one of the waitress would come and ask you for your name and the contact number. I dint ask her why, though I gave mine.
We ordered our drinks Bronx (Gin Based) and the KF Beer. It was not just the drink, but the glasses were chilled too :) Cocktail was made to perfection and I just loved it. For the starters, we ordered steamed veg dumplings and it was awesome with the red and the green Thai sauce. Never before had I tasted such good steamed dumplings. The sweet corn soup was the usual.
For the main course, we had the chi-si garlic noodles and the butter garlic veg sauce which was mouth watering. Believe me, the best Chinese food I have ever had till date was @ Inchina. This was suggested by those waiters and they customized it for us by making it less spicy.

The dessert - Fried Icecream was sooooooo yummy. I am drooling over that food again…
They also served us the bottomless chinese tea - light black tea with mint leaves.

This place will surely on my list of regular visits hence forth.
For the two of us, the bill was 1000 bucks including drinks

Overall, a pleasant and a lovely experience. The service was commendable, food was excellent and the ambiance, just great
Definitely, a place worth trying... again and again… I give Inchina a three thumbs up

Inchina is located @ 31, Museum Road, Bangalore
Phone 40001234

Landmark: Next to Ada Hind Ki

Chung-Wah Opus

Truly an Opus Experience

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I was all excited to see the new board of Chung Wah flashing a furlong away from my place and the very moment I decided to hit the place during the weekend.

One needs to take the stairs next to the exit door of Subhiksha. There’s no board to guide you and give you directions along the stairs as yet.
I went on to the mezzanine floor, but that was the entrance to the Kamat Restaurant. The person there, was helpful and led us to our destination.

It’s an open terrace restaurant – that’s what Opus means, dimly lit with the jute based lamp shade. The terrace is divided into the family and the private / smoking area. The family area consisted to two, four, six and eight seater tables and the private area consisted of 4 seater tables. The furniture was made of dark mahogany wood

We opted for the two seater table which was very close to the edge of the roof and enjoyed the cool breeze thoroughly. The interiors had the red, white and the black combination of colors which is typically oriental. There’s also supposed to be a huge statue of Buddha coming soon with a small pond around. The crowd consisted of the families and the friends hanging out.

In our conversation with the waiters and the Manager, we realized The Chung Wah Opus is the joint venture between the Chung Wah and the Kamat Group of Hotels. The waiters were warm, welcoming and helpful. Looked like they understood our taste and suggested us on all those that actually satisfied our taste buds. The service was quick and prompt.

We tried the Tom Yom soup – spicy Thai soup with the finely chopped vegetables and lemon grass. It was apt as an appetizer for the breezy weather.
Fried Wantons with the veg dumplings inbetween was delicious.
For the main course, we had the Dan Dan Mein – thin Thai noodles which was moderately spicy. For the noodles, the waiter suggested the best combo would be the Kung Vegetables and we blindly went by his suggestion and it made our day :)
Food for two costs around 300 bucks!!

Make sure you have a good appetite as the quantity served is huge. They dint have all the desserts mentioned in the menu card yet.
Overall a breezy experience and I would surely go again.

Chung-Wah Opus is located @ 63/2, 8th Main, 18th Cross, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 32488588, 32488688

Landmark: Above Subhiksha


Good Indian Food with Pre-Independence Theme

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A pending treat from a friend, jobless evening on a weekday, a new restaurant closeby, non-cloudy sky which is a rarity in Bangalore these days... all this resulted in trying out 1947.

Thanks to the new underpass and the traffic jam caused by it. We took almost 40mins instead of the usual 10mins to reach that place. The restaurant is in the 2nd floor and there's a basement parking but, unfortunately not for the people who visit 1947.

I wanted to take stairs and check more on the theme than take the lift. On the stair way, they had framed pictures narrating story of the Indian Flags from 1902 to 1947 - the tri color we have today.
The moment you land on the 2nd floor, you would see a old fashioned door, little broken and has a few holes which definitely looks a few decades old. Move in and you would find the Gandhi Charkha in the front, the cannon on the right hand side along with the small area of the floor made of stones and sand next to the Billing counter. Wooden flooring and the interiors made of wood, jute and cloth is what one would get to notice in the carpet area and on the walls.

The cover of the menu card was made of wood and the sheets inside were made of thick paper. The font used looked like the one used in our freedom fight related Bollywood Flicks.
The menu contained the usual indian stuff. For the appetiser and the starter, we had dal shorba, masala papad and the tandoori baby corn. Nothing very amazing, but all tasted good and the quantity was decent. Amba Panna (Green Mango Drink) and Jal Jeera were the usual.
The dal makhni and the paneer butter masala were something that I really relished. It was indeed good compared to the other few restaurants I have tried. The vegetable dum biryani, I felt was little salty, though my friend loved it that way. For the dessert, we had the matka kulfi and that was passable.

The service was quick and prompt. The focus could also be on keeping the loos cleaner and better. The crowd mostly consisted of families.
It was a monday evening and the restaurant was filled completely with a big queue in the waiting area. If you are going on a weekend, please make sure to book the table before.

Overall a good experience and I would go there again to enjoy the ambience and the theme and ofcourse the food :) the bill was around Rs.400 for the two of us which was a good deal.
In our conversation with the manager, he said, there are more artefacts to come.. This is just the beginning of 1947....

1947 is located @ Ram Towers, 296, 100ft Ring Road, Banashankari 3rd Stage, 4th Phase, Banashankari, Bangalore
Phone 32943733

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hotel Janatha

For SAMBHAR with Idli and Vada

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After a looong time, my parents and I, decided to go out for breakfast and dad was bent upon going to Hotel Janatha. It was a nostalgic experience for him as he went 30-35 years back in time and started narrating us the stories about the idli, vada , rava dosa and a huuuge quantity of finger licking sambhar he and his friends to crave for.
We had to cut his story short and start hogging our idlis and vadas dipped in a biiig bowl of sambhar. The sambhar is served in a huge ladle generously. Believe me, this is one of those places in Bangalore which serves the best sambhar. And there’s nobody stopping you from getting sambhar served any number of times at no extra cost :)
Dad said, they have set an example for consistency and the sambhar used to taste the same a few decades ago. Wow!! Isn’t that cool…

I got in conversation with the cashier and he told me, this hotel dates back to 1965 and there’s been no looking back since then.
The moment you enter, one would find small rooms onto the left and the right each containing 4 tables. On to the front, you would find the bigger hall and a few tables and ofcourse the self-service counter.
People who are on the move, who would love to enjoy the awesome sambhar, do not mind the crowd and sharing your table with the unknown – this is the place to be.
I am going there again soon…. Just to have the sambhar

Hotel Janatha is located @ V V Puram, VV Puram, Bangalore
Phone 26676383

Trivoli Gardens

For a Weekend Dinner

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After waiting quite a while to handover our car for the valet parking, we stepped into the huge hall which was well lit with huge and expensive chandlers.
The ambiance was warm and welcoming. There were people to assist us on everything.
The Capitol, is generally famous for the corporate meetings, wedding receptions and such similar gatherings. Hence, one would generally find this place filled with people.

We went on to the 5th floor – the roof top restaurant called Trivoli and they had two people singing Kishore Kumar numbers (they call it ghazals and the singers were not good at their jobs) with their entire band. They call it the Sabrina and Sagar. We wanted to opt for a corner table but, could not get one as it was raining and all the customers had to invariably select the 6 seater table. This one wasn’t crowded much so, the privacy is guaranteed.

I was too hungry and asked my friend to order whatever he liked and I continued to enjoy the weather. One can also onlook the beautiful UB city from there.
I was lost in the conversation and the waiter reminded me we were there to eat. Yeah.. he got whatever was ordered. I enjoyed the delicious wine and the tandoori gobi. It was perfectly done and I was wanting more of it.
For the main course we ordered the schezwan rice with the garlic gravy which tasted excellent.

The service was prompt and there was no much delay. The waiter also helped us selecting exactly what we liked after letting him know about our taste buds

Overall, it was a good experience. Though we dint try too many things there, whatever we had was definitely enjoyable.
People who have the mindset - this is meant for public gatherings like how I did, you would surely change it.
Worth a visit

Trivoli Gardens is located @ Hotel Capitol, 3, RAJ Bhavan Road, Near Vidhan Soudha, Opposite Gpo, Raj Bhavan Road, Bangalore
Phone 22281234, 22281800

Tandoor Express

Tandoor - Yes, Express - No

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Wanted to try this place for quite a while, since it was new and had heard from a few of my friends about the food available there.

Rushed there with colleagues to have a quick lunch assuming, as the name suggests, it would be a express service.
They have an open kitchen in the ground floor. The service hall is both on ground floor and the first floor. We went to the 1st floor as there were only 4 and 2 seater tables in the ground floor. The theme of the restaurant is based on Formula1 and one would find the pics of Michael Schumacher and the F1 cars all over the wall which complements the name of the restaurant.

We were all very hungry and started looking at the menu card. The waiters had absolutely no clue on certain things that we were asking for. They were just blinking their eyes and were directing the questions to other waiters. And the other waiter gave different description of what Subzi Falguni and Perfect Love (Dessert) is once in every five minutes before we decided on what we want to eat. We ordered a masala papad and guess what?? We got 2 masala papads :) I guess its 2 per plate here. For starters we had paneer tikka and Veg Sheek Kebab. Along with it we had the Planter’s Punch and Italian Smooch (Coke mixed with Pudina Leaves and chunks of Lemon)

The waiters were taking their own sweet time to get the food forget serving them. Though there were hardly customers, we repeatedly asking them to serve faster and they claiming they have express service, it all resulted in delayed service. All the waiters used to disappear together. Even if we wanted water, we had to wait till they got there.
For the main course, we had rotis, naans, etc.. and the Subzi Falguni and the Kadai Paneer. This tasted good, but, was toooooooooo oily.

Now, comes the interesting part. We had one of the best jamoons for dessert :) the sweetness was apt and was rightly done. Just delicious :D I would go there again just to eat the Gulab Jamoon Another colleague tried the masala lassi and that was just perfect

A sincere advise to Tandoor Express Management. The quality and the taste of food was good but, they need to badly improve on the service at the earliest.

FYI: This restaurant belongs to Azad Group Enterprise, the same group to which Tandoor on MG Road belongs

Tandoor Express is located @ Manjunatha complex, Ground Floor, 22nd Main, Opp BDA Complex, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Banashankari, Bangalore
Phone 26713943

Tru Frut

For a Fruity Ice-Cream Experience

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A new icecream outlet in Bangalore, having almost 8 branches already claims to use 100% natural fruit and not a trace of any synthetic ingredients and preservatives.
Have been postponing the visit to this place, me and my friend finally made an ad-hoc decision to try it out. We tried the one in Jayanagar 4th block.. Not a big one though, looked like a house converted to the ice cream parlor.
It’s a small place having around 4-5 tables, walls painted in green (not all that striking and appealing) and a big screen TV on the opposite wall.

They let us taste the ice creams like how they do in a gelato outlet. Found a few new varieties like gulkand, custard apple, tender coconut flavors. Apart from those new flavors, we also noticed they had the kulfi kinda flavors like kaju draksh, khajoor badaam and kesar pista.

Tru Frut classifies their category of ice creams into classic, cool country and connoisseur. I tried strawberry and the fig flavor. Initially tasted good, but, later I kinda found some powdery stuff in the ice cream which made not relish it much. And yeah, I did find small pieces of strawberry and fig.

The ice cream is priced higher – one scoop of vanilla will cost 40 bucks!!! And guess what?? It doesn’t end there. We also get to pay 12.5% extra VAT!!!

In the small chat that we had franchise owner, he said, the ice cream is imported from Sharjah. Its not the powder they get n mix it with milk here… they import the ice cream as it is from UAE.

All in all, an ok experience. A tryable place during the summer. One could hop in here to try the new flavors which is generally not found in other ice cream parlors.

Tru Frut is located @ 616/2, 31st Cross, 10th 'A' Main Road, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 9845929293


For Vegetarian Thalis

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Kkrishi is one of the newly opened Pure Vegetarian restaurant in the BDA Complex adding one more feather to the MRG Group cap.

Its on the 2nd floor of the BDA Complex and the moment you enter, a lady in a green saree (yeah… she is always in green saree) gives you a wide smile and greets you by saying Namasthe.
The service hall is quite big and the tables are placed slightly closer to each other. The waiters are in the fruity and flowery colorful shirts. They serve a range of cuisines – North Indian, South Indian, Gujarathi, Chinese, Rajasthani and the Delhi Chaats

We tried the gujarathi executive meals and a few north Indian stuff. Everything served in the gujarathi meal was sweeeet and the north Indian food was ok. The Farsan, the mirch masala, the boondi raita, the dal - everything had a bulk of jaggery mixed in it.
The waiters did not know details of certain food on their menu. They could neither communicate well.

They are also supposed to be having two small party halls apart from the service hall.

The restaurant is hardly filled with people may be coz’ people hardly know about it Since, there’s hardly any customer, you get to spend loads of time.. all by yourself.

Service is faster. They could give the customer more time to decide on the food they want to eat and eat whatever they have ordered without disturbance. The entrance to the restaurant on the 2nd floor is good. But, the connectivity till there is hopeless. From the ground floor to the 2nd floor, one would find the red stain of paan spits all over. The stairs and the walls are really dirty
The loos could be maintained better.

Overall, an ok restaurant and could be tried for different thalis under one roof

Kkrishi is located @ 2nd Floor, Jayanagar Shopping Complex, Jayanagar 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 26657053, 26657054



The moment you enter TADKA, you feel out of the world!! Really!

I was shocked and surprised to see such a well done and fine arrangement. I could not believe my eyes... Such a cool place in 4th Block, Jayanagar. Wow!!!!

The restautant is on the top floor open air, roof covered & a well made patio furniture. For a moment it looked like the top floor of the Casa Picola in 4th Block, Jayanagar (Which used to be one of our regular addas during college days)
They serve the typical Lucknowi Food. The cocktails and the mocktails combination was just like any other restaurant.

For the first time I got to taste the Lucknowi food and it was mindblowing.
They also have a singer singing live for us. Aint it cool??? Its mostly ghazlas and old hindi songs (the singer spoilt the songs though)

On a whole, the experience I had here was different from the others and is definitely worth a try.
FYI: There are no loos here. You gotta use the one in Banjara

Hold on!! There's another info for all of you. Those who pay the bills by American Express Card would get a 20% discount on their bills :) Isnt that amazing??

So people, how about a dinner @ TADKA soon....

Tadka is located @ BDA Shopping Complex, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 41538865, 41471133

Banjara - The Restaurant

Unconventional @ a Traditional Place

A regular on this road from quite a while and wonder at myself for being such a bad observer.
Banjara - The Restaurant and TADKA (both belonging to the Hospitality Link Private Ltd) exist on the 1st floor of BDA Complex, 4th Block, Jayanagar.

Yeah!!! Truly :) I am sure like me, most of you are scratching your head thinking how could you miss such an awesome place being a part of south Bangalore.
Naa.. It will not go un-noticed anymore

The ambience is pretty good. More of a corporate dining scene inside, its slightly darker with the bar attached.

We went there for the Team Lunch combined with the Birthday celebrations for the entire month.

The menu consisted of the Dal Shorba (It tasted more like liquified Dal Tadka with tomatoes), Pani Puri and Bhel Puri [Both were just yum!!! but, it was not the right time to eat chats :( ]
The salad was exotic varying from pickled cauliflower, tossed cucumber & capsicum, baked cauliflower with beans, cabbage and carrot and ofcourse the macaroni and Channa Aloo Salad.
They had variety of north indian breads ranging from phulkas, rotis and kulchas with Palak Vegetable, Kesar Paneer, Dal Tadka, Mix Vegetable Curry, Chilli Chiken, Chicken Sukha, Mughlai Chicken, Murg Curry and Fish Curry.
Then there was Mughlai Rice with finely chopped onion raita and Noodles with garlic sauce and Curd rice.

Now comes the interesting part... U guessed it right!!!! DESSERT :D
Desserts included Vanilla Icecream, Kiwi Mousse, Gulab Jamoon, Rasagulla and Doodh Halwa (This one was the best with lots & lots of ghee :) )

Loos were unclean :(
Overall an ok experience

Banjara is located @ BDA Shopping Complex, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 41538865, 41471133

Sri Amba Bhavan

Charm of Old Bangalore

This review is also available on burrp!
This one, exists right in the 3rd block signal and is making a roaring business from past 36 years - from the time of its inception!!
The quality and the taste of the food remains same :) Me and a friend decided go there for a early breakfast and the filter coffee.
It’s a very small place with 6 tables and the wall is covered with old pics of different gods.
The only new thing you would find there is the refrigerator
The menu is simple and includes, plain dosa, masala dosa, khali dosa, vada, mysore paak, poori, and filter coffee
We ordered masala dosa, khali dosa, vada and the filter coffee. Believe me everything was delicious. Vada was the best. It was crisp and fluffy. My friend sipped the aromatic coffee and it made her day

We had a small conversation with the owner and he told us, Sri Amba Bhavan is one of the oldest landmark in Jayanagar and the foundation ceremony of the famous BDA complex was done after their establishment.

The crowd mostly involved the middle age and above. But, by the time we started from there, we could see a couple of very young executives in formals hitting there and enjoying the food.

Definitely, a tryable place for a breakfast or an evening snack

Sri Amba Bhavan is located @ No. 34 and 35, 9th Main, 22nd Cross, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Landmark: 3rd Block Signal

Sreeraj Lassi Bar

For Mango Lassi :)

This review is also available on burrp!
It’s the season of mangoes and you get one of the best Mango Lassis here. The other tryable options are varieties of kulfis, faloodas, ice creams, fruit salads, fresh fruit juices etc

Please don’t look for a great ambience as this place is almost on the road side and if you are lucky enough, you may also get to sit. There are around 10 chairs and small tables placed next to those chairs
My personal favorite here is the mango lassi. One could also try the sweet lassi, salt lassi and the masala lassi to name a few

The crowd is a mixture - from kids to teenagers and college goers to oldies
I would say, one could try this place to quench thirst in Jayanagar

Sreeraj Lassi Bar is located @ 68, 8th F Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 26346756

Coconut Groove

Cockroach in More Kozambu :(

This review is also available on burrp!
Me and my friend wanted to have a leisurely lunch and decided to try our hands on the chettinad food @ Coconut Groove.
The ambience was purely Kerala like and felt good on a sunday noon to have found a not crowded restaurant amidst the two busiest roads in Bangalore.

We ordered the Thein Elneer which was soothing and the spicy rasam which was good but, would definitely be enjoyed more during winter and monsoon.
Moving on to the main course, we ordered rice and more kozambu - had just started to eat and found a cockroach in the more kozambu. Yuck!! :(
....and the worst part is, none of the waiters / manager had any kind of guilt on their face when we informed them about this issue which pissed me more.

I would not recommend this place to anybody. For the price they charge on each of the items on their menu, the quality of food and the service provided is pathetic. Now I know why this is place not crowded.. on a weekend too

Coconut Groove is located @ 86, Spencer Building, Church Street, Bangalore
Phone 25091168, 25503695

Landmark: Near Bheema's

Murugan Idli Shop

For Super Soft Idlis

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Never heard of this before and our entire gang bumped into Murugan Idli Shop during our loafing session in Chennai.
It was crowded and we had to wait for around 10mins and what we got to eat is definitely worth a wait.

Somebody told me, the first idli shop belonging to this chain, was started during the pre-independence period. People from Chennai could throw more light on this if they have the relevant data.. Anybody listening???
The claim they serve the best Idlis.. and they really do. The most amazing, soft idlis are served on a plaintain leaf with 3 kinds of chutneys - Coconut, mint and tomato and ofcourse Sambar. All of us got busy in trying out on whatever was served. After a moment of silence, completely satisfied, we opened our mouth to talk - to order the next round of idlis!!!

The sweet pongal was delicious and the dosas were too huge. The Vada was ok. There were many other on their menu list. We did not try as our stomachs were overloaded.

The tables are closely placed and dont expect to get a separate table for your gang / family. You wanna enjoy the idlis, be ready to share the tables with the unknown. Dont worry, you would not be too bothered after you are completely engrossed in eating idlis

We were out with complete satisfaction and all praises to Murugan Idli Shop I give it a Two Thumbs up!!

Murugan Idli Shop is located @ No.9, Ramanathan Street, T.Nagar, Chennai
Phone 24345343

Ponnusamy Hotel

The Original

This review is also available on burrp!
Who on earth doesnt want to try their hands on the original? So were we waiting to do that.
After enjoying the high current waves @ the Eliots Beach, we had a small brainstorm session, came to a consensus and decided on The Ponnusamy Hotel.

The meat eaters crave to have the food from here as they provide the taste buds with the exotic variety. The Rabbit Roast, Titar, and lot many to list down.
Few of us had the veg chettinad meal which consisted of vegetable kootu, sambhar, rasam, tomato & onion gojju, dal chutney pudi with servings of endless ghee and the curd and the buttermilk. A few others tried their hands the chiken biryani (there was more chicken than the rice - though my friends tried gobbling all up, finally gave up), titar masala (it is supposed to be a small bird with very less flesh and more bones), the kaadu koli and the fish fry.
There was a disappointment too as my friends could not try on the rabbit roast which was not available for the dinner.

Hard core non-veggies can experiment with their taste buds trying on the variety of meat cooked in the typical south Indian Masala.

Since, this was the first Ponnusamy Hotel, the ambience is not very modern unlike the other branches, parking can be on the road, the service is pretty fast and the price is very reasonable.
Whatever.... Its THE ORIGINAL :)

Ponnusamy Hotel is located @ 55/1 Gowdia Mutt Road, Royapettah, Chennai
Phone 28130986, 28133067


Food With Magical Aroma

This review is also available on burrp!
Wanted to try new and something different after a tiring day @ Chennai. Conversed with the auto driver telling him what kind of a restaurant we are looking for in my broken tamil and let him decide on the restaurant.
Guess what!!?? He dropped us at an amazing place :)

It was a pretty big complex and contained the boards of different restaurants. We were delighted and very thankful to the auto driver who let us curb our hunger in style.
The complex consisted of Mainland China, Tandoor, The Pub Hub and the Sigree. All this, we gotta know comes under the Speciality Restaurants Group.

Didn't wanted to try Mainland China and Tandoor as we have them in Bangalore. We thought we would try our hands with The Pub Hub. Since, many of our friends were Teatotallers, we changed our decision and stepped into Sigree. The restaurant was huge and Spacious, very well lit (infact it was too bright, hitting us from all the directions). They played the old hindi instrumental which is supposed to be very soothing and melodious to the ears but unfortunately it was just tooooooo loud. The tables were low, wide and broad

Sigree, basically means food cooked in a snails pace in an iron vessel (An ethnic vessel called Lagan) over charcoal. For most of the dishes, they claim, a variety of ingredients is soaked and cooked for as long as 40 hours.
The ambience was good and we gotta see a different crowd from what we saw in the mornings. It was hot and happening and my guy friends finally gotta see gals with skimpy clothes and were more than happy as they were missing all this from the time we stepped into chennai.

Now, coming to the food part, we had amazingly soft rotis, a mixed-veg gravy, chicken gravy (my friends loved it so much, they relished licking their finger)
Then came the most interesting one.. The Biryani :) It had such good aroma, we were all flat over it. Completely fell for it. It had a very different aroma.. Very different from the one we get in Bangalore. The rice was perfectly cooked with a pinch of Kesar

Few of us also had drinks but, nothing can beat bangalore in that. They did not have a menu card for the drinks. Hence, the waiter had to give us the list orally and he wasnt good enough in doing that.

Overall, the seating was perfectly placed, ambience was good, food was delicious and amazingly good, music was too loud (Should I say Noisy??) and the lighting was too bright. Having 3 restaurants and 1 bar, there was very less parking space (Was not a problem for us as we caught a auto rickshaw)

Highly recommended for the first timers @ chennai and definitely for people who hail from chennai :)

Sigree is Located @ Hotel Aruna Complex, 5th Floor, 144/145 Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
Phone 42664222, 28238286, 43596224/28

The Cream & Fudge Factory

Sinfully Tempting and Delicious :D

This review is also available on burrp!
The Title says it all.......
Went there on a chilly night thinking its a Gelato outlet. But, No. It actually isnt one.
The pictures put up there are so tempting, I was completely confused to pick my choice. Everything looked so attractive and yummy :)

You could either choose from their list or make a combination icecream of your own with all the nuts, chocolates, chocolate chips, biscuits, sauce, cookies etc avalable at your disposal
All this is mixed on their frozen marble stone and handed over in a freshly made cone.

The quantity was huge and filling and I have no regrets to have indulged and pampered myself completely with this sinfully delicious and mouth watering stuff :)

Worth a try and I bet!! You will go there again

The Cream & Fudge FActory is located @ #368 , 7th Block, Opposite HDFC Bank, Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone 41726222

Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR)

Sumptuous Meal

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Was craving for a typical South Indian and Iyer kinda Food from quite a while & there I was.. at the right place just enjoying all that I have been missing. Bisi Bele Bath with Raita, Shavige, Wheat payasa, kosambari, the rasam, the sambhar, coconut chutney and ofcourse the curd rice (my all time favourite)

Everything on the menu that day was my favourite. Call it co-incidence or my luck, whatever... I just loved it to the core. Total Finger licking experience :)

MTR is located @ No. 14, Lalbagh Road, Bangalore
Phone 22220022
Landmark: Near Urvashi Theater



This review is also available on burrp!
Love the natural Sugarcane juice from chilhood days.. Rarely used to find a clean, hygenic place to enjoy the same.

Cane-O-La was started 3 months back and its absolutely clean and hygenic.. makes you feel go there again and again.

They have branches in Basavanagudi (Bull Temple Road), Jayanagar 9th Block (Next to SSMRV), R T Nagar and near BDA complex in Banashankari 2nd Stage

They serve you the fresh juice plain or with mint or lime or ginger or salt and pepper or chat masala... or it could be customised according to what you like. I generally take the fresh juice with the ginger and lemon combination.

The fresh juice is served in a biig mug... and it costs you just 10 bucks :) So soothing.. Really!!!

Do try out at Cane-O-La if your taste buds are craving for something desi, fresh, healthy and for a total refreshment

Cane-O-La is located @ #44/1 Bull Temple Road, Near Dodda Ganapathi Gudi, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Phone 9449077700
Landmark: Near Rangoli Art Hut


Yummy :) Another Gelato Outlet

This review is also available on burrp!
Went there with a group of friends on a sunny sunday afternoon and the gelato was just the apt thing that we could find to hog on a lazy afternoon while loafing.
The variety was exotic.
It was classified as Regular (96% Fat free) that costs Rs.40, Dialite Gelato (100% Sugar free & 96% Fat free) that costs Rs.55, Premium (96% Fat free) that costs Rs.45 and fruits special in the same range which has 100% Fat free sorbettos, made from selectively picked fruits and contains no dairy, Special (96% Fat free Gelatos) that costs Rs.50.

Apart from the mentioned above, they also have other combinations and pastries, the thought of which is making me go there again... soon :)

You could also opt for take aways which comes in 5 and 10 scoops range.

They have a small play area for kids. This would actually help the parents enjoy the gelato more letting the kids enjoy themselves with other kids :)

So, what are you waiting for?? Grab a cup of gelato and indulge yourself @ Gelatissmo :)

Gelatissmo is @ No. 503, CMH Road, Next to Fab India, Indiranagar, Bangalore
Phone 65365757
Landmark: Near Goethe Institute and Opposite Antenna Software

The Intro / Beginning

Well, for my first post here, I was thinking for a while on what should the content be!
Immediately, the thought struck my mind, and I decided, it should be on why I've named my blog Bangalorefoodfetish. Infact, I wanted to name it as foodfetish and unfortunately, this was already taken. Since, most of my posts would be on the reviews of restaurants in Bangalore, I decided to name it as Bangalorefoodfetish!

So, here I'm and there's a long way to go!!!