Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hotel Janatha

For SAMBHAR with Idli and Vada

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After a looong time, my parents and I, decided to go out for breakfast and dad was bent upon going to Hotel Janatha. It was a nostalgic experience for him as he went 30-35 years back in time and started narrating us the stories about the idli, vada , rava dosa and a huuuge quantity of finger licking sambhar he and his friends to crave for.
We had to cut his story short and start hogging our idlis and vadas dipped in a biiig bowl of sambhar. The sambhar is served in a huge ladle generously. Believe me, this is one of those places in Bangalore which serves the best sambhar. And there’s nobody stopping you from getting sambhar served any number of times at no extra cost :)
Dad said, they have set an example for consistency and the sambhar used to taste the same a few decades ago. Wow!! Isn’t that cool…

I got in conversation with the cashier and he told me, this hotel dates back to 1965 and there’s been no looking back since then.
The moment you enter, one would find small rooms onto the left and the right each containing 4 tables. On to the front, you would find the bigger hall and a few tables and ofcourse the self-service counter.
People who are on the move, who would love to enjoy the awesome sambhar, do not mind the crowd and sharing your table with the unknown – this is the place to be.
I am going there again soon…. Just to have the sambhar

Hotel Janatha is located @ V V Puram, VV Puram, Bangalore
Phone 26676383

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