Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trivoli Gardens

For a Weekend Dinner

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After waiting quite a while to handover our car for the valet parking, we stepped into the huge hall which was well lit with huge and expensive chandlers.
The ambiance was warm and welcoming. There were people to assist us on everything.
The Capitol, is generally famous for the corporate meetings, wedding receptions and such similar gatherings. Hence, one would generally find this place filled with people.

We went on to the 5th floor – the roof top restaurant called Trivoli and they had two people singing Kishore Kumar numbers (they call it ghazals and the singers were not good at their jobs) with their entire band. They call it the Sabrina and Sagar. We wanted to opt for a corner table but, could not get one as it was raining and all the customers had to invariably select the 6 seater table. This one wasn’t crowded much so, the privacy is guaranteed.

I was too hungry and asked my friend to order whatever he liked and I continued to enjoy the weather. One can also onlook the beautiful UB city from there.
I was lost in the conversation and the waiter reminded me we were there to eat. Yeah.. he got whatever was ordered. I enjoyed the delicious wine and the tandoori gobi. It was perfectly done and I was wanting more of it.
For the main course we ordered the schezwan rice with the garlic gravy which tasted excellent.

The service was prompt and there was no much delay. The waiter also helped us selecting exactly what we liked after letting him know about our taste buds

Overall, it was a good experience. Though we dint try too many things there, whatever we had was definitely enjoyable.
People who have the mindset - this is meant for public gatherings like how I did, you would surely change it.
Worth a visit

Trivoli Gardens is located @ Hotel Capitol, 3, RAJ Bhavan Road, Near Vidhan Soudha, Opposite Gpo, Raj Bhavan Road, Bangalore
Phone 22281234, 22281800

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