Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Blessed Life

I’ve always wanted to express this. Either write about it or tell somebody about it!
December 2007 is when I joined Sonata Software with new hopes, new ambitions, new aspirations, new apprehensions and of course looking forward for new friends!
A few days after I joined, there was this new comer with full of energy and came with some kinda spark. Small conversation with her and realized she’s just gotten engaged to the love of her life and very soon she’d get into the knotty (naughty? :) ) life!

The D-Day in A’s life was approaching faster! There was lot of hustle-bustle goin’ on in her family with all the relatives busy with arrangements.
I went there on the Mehandi Rasam Day. According to the directions given, without asking anybody else to help me more on that, I headed straight to her house, where there was so much cacophony combined with celebrations!

Things, people and everything else - all scattered and it all looked so colorful! There was so much happiness spread, I felt, I was in a paradise :)
They started serving us variety of snacks, which obviously I started digging into, relishing each one of it, in and out! Later, the music slowly started, and one by one started moving their arse off the chair and started shaking the same totally engrossed into it enjoying the same. People totally forgot what they were trying to do, what were the steps, it was a total new dance formation!!

I love taking pics and there I was, on my job shooting all those marvelous pics of different dance poses – from the youngest 2 year old giving the innocent pose to the elders and the oldest giving all the jhataka-matkas. One of her aunts who managed to dance throughout the evening with her high heeled footwear when asked how she managed to dance so long with such a footwear said, “the moves are more sensuous with the pointed heels and the shapes are noticed how its supposed to be”

Here was my friend sitting in a corner was getting decked up in mehendi on her hands and the legs, badly wanting to dance her heart out (being a dancer herself, this was obviously more tempting for her), had to just watch and enjoy from far. In between shooting, I not only fed myself, also fed A as poor thing was not just getting tempted but also was hungry. She had to be satisfied with atleast the food when others were dancing.

After a while, I washed my hands with the still camera and moved on to the camcorder – the one I’m better at and love fiddling with more than the still camera. This was even better as I got to record everybody’s emotions while they danced along.

A’s mom had mixed emotions. She was happy yet sad at the same time. She wanted to express many things and dint want to too – all at the same time. May be this is what all mothers go through when they are giving away their piece of the heart and trying to place it safe in somebody else’s hands. The very thought of missing them in their routine life, tolerating them being cranky and pranky could be tougher.

A’s sister, cousins and aunts danced so well, the men out there just could not resist. I managed to record those who were in hiding to watch how the gals danced. Boys will be boys!! :D

The stars were shining bright and the moon was looking absolutely romantic setting things right for the D-Day of my dear friend. Yeah!! Did I just say that? I have found friends in Sonata Software. The culture is way too different here. One would feel it’s a home away from home. Really!

It was almost 10PM and I had to head back home. Quickly gulped my dinner, got my hands filled with the mehendi, bid goodbye to A promising her, I’d be back early next morning with other colleagues to witness the wedding, to bless her and wish her all the good luck.

She calls hers a blessed life with all her loved ones around! Indeed, it is and I wish it remains the same always!! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adyar Ananda Bhavan

Sweets and Chaats

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They serve the authentic idly, dosa with mouth watering coconut chutney and sambhar in the South Indian Counter Apart from those mentioned above, they have a chaat section, where a few northies freshly make and serrve the chaats.
This arrangement, they say is made to maintain the authencity of both South Indian and North Indian.

I love the chaats here more than the idly and the dosa. The dahi bhalla, kachori, raj kachori, aloo tikki chaat tastes heavenly :)

Amongst the sweet served here, the pedas, the juicy bengali sweets satisgfies my sweet tooth. Benne Muruku, pakoda, mixture, chakli, kodbale etc are always fresh. They sell the tastiest of the pickle, chutney, gongura chutney etc.. to name a few. All in all, a good place for a evening hangout for sweets and chaats.

Adyar Ananda Bhavan is located @ 200, Gandhi Bazaar Main Road, Gandhi Bazaar, Bangalore
Phone 26621222, 41203999

Hotel Dwaraka

An Old Gem - Redefined

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used to visit this place with my dad often when it was on Bull Temple Road. After, it was shifted to the Katte Balaga Road, for whatever reasons, I never went there.

This evening, when I heading back home, my friend suggested we should go there and as always, I need the smallest reason to eat :) The masala dosa was crispy, the Khali dosa (the best here) was soft and mushy as usual, the avarekalu khara bath was amazing!! And all this with the tasty coconut chutney. The very thought of it is making me drool over it..

Apart from these, they also serve super pineapple kesari bath, masala vada and filter coffee.

This new place looks quite different from the old one on bull temple road.
This one has a few modern tables and settee, though its slightly congested and one should never mind sharing it with the unknown, well lit with bright interiors and ofcourse the friendly waiters!

Hotel Dwaraka is located @ 15, Katte Balaga Raod, NR Colony, Basavanagudi, Bangalore



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The moment you enter this place, you feel you are in a jungle amidst some waterfall and hear the chirping of birds and other animals.
Walk thru inside and you would find the waiters all dressed in the Shikari Shambu Style!

As we were comfortably seated at our table, the waiter served the complimentary starters. I could call it potato chips chat. The potato chips were mixed with the tamarind and the chilli chutney with little curd and sev. Since I was too hungry, I started hogging it.
For appetisers Sariska Panna (Ripe pineapple based) and Shikari Shikanji. This was ok.
For starters, we ordered Karara Palak Chat which was specially recommended one of my good friends and it was worth ordering! I loved it. Though it was the palak leaves dipped in besan and fried, mixed with the tamarind chutney and the chilli chutney with sev.

Apart from this, there was papaya dipped in sugar syrup on each of our tables mixed with flax seeds. I loved this as well.

We ordered Bran Roti (supposed to be made from the unpolished wheat) and Butter Roti with Handi Ki Subzi.
I loved the Bran Roti for the very fact of tasting very different. The Butter naan was so huge, my friend could not complete it. Handi ki subzi was spicy and was a great combination with the Indian bread.
We were so full to have the desserts but, complementary Moti Choor laddoos were served. We assumed it could be coz’ it was Indian Independence Day and enjoyed it.

For the two of us, the bill was approximately Rs.800/-

I could also notice some kinda cave in some corners where the tables were placed and the food was served.

Overall, for a jungle experience, Serengeti is a must visit. More than the theme, the food overtakes the score on everything else!!
I give it two thumbs up!!

Serengeti is located @ Ohri's, Level 3 The Total Mall, Madivala, Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone 40003333, 9731558307, 9731558301


No Flame till Evening..

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After hearing some rave review of this place, where the sizzlers and a few other stuffs are cooked live right next to your table and served, my friend and I thought we should experience this kind of theme for sure and drove down all the way for almost 20kms!
One needs to take the Sobha apartments road before the petrol bunk and the Salarpuria Softzone when you are driving from Sarjapur road towards Marathalli bridge. After the limelite salon, you would find More 4 u supermarket. Flambe is above More 4 u.

We were accompanied to our table which was just next to the huge see thru glass window on the left hand side of the entrance. There was sufficient natural light all over.
Eager to have the different experience, we kicked off wiht our enquires.
Unlucky we were, all those I've described above can be experienced only during the dinner and we were there for lunch :(
Its only buffet for the lunch on all days.

After sipping our mocktail drinks, we headed towards the buffet spread. The salads and the starters were the usual. We dint taste the mushroom soup which was that day's special. Dal makhni, bhinidi masala and the vegetable gravy were amazing. I dint like the Thai veg curry with white rice as it had extra dose of turmeric in it. The biryani was ok and the curd rice was the best.
The dessert had the assorted pastries, date cake, fruit salad and the chocolate cake.

Each buffet costs Rs.200 + taxes which was definitely worth the spread. If I am closeby anywhere near
Salarpuria soft zone next time, I shall surely try the dinner!!

Flambe is located @ 1st Floor, KV Plaza, Green Glen Layout Off Sarjapur Marathalli Ring Road, Sarjapura Road, Bangalore
Phone 9972092579, 41606888

Aromas of China

You'll fall in Love with the Bamboo Rice

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I’ve fallen in love with BJN group of restaurants so much these days, I generally end up opting and indulging myself in their amazing service, food, ambience and the theme.

It was time to try out the Aromas of China in Eva Mall. The restaurant has the usual crimson red color all over with the feng shui hangings here and there.
We tried the Sichuan Sour and Pepper Soup (Chef’s recommendation) – Similar to hot and sour soup, but this was thick and had a different kind of mushroom which is supposed to be imported from China.
For the starters, we blindly had the chef’s recommendation and it was Vegetable Suimai which was like momos in a different shape.

For the main course, we wanted to try out something different and had the Bamboo Rice. Believe me; the aroma was just too amazing!! The name of the restaurant really stands by what they claim!!! The flavor was out of the world and all of gave a thumbs up for this. In combination with this, we were served Seasonal Vegetable with Brocolli in sauce (again the chef’s recommendation and my friends’ love for broccoli). Looks like, am gonna go there just to enjoy the Bamboo Rice again :)

Though, my stomach was protruding with the amount of food I had eaten, I still managed to squeeze in the dessert – Frozen vanilla scoop with cherry dipped in Brandy.

Since, we had the printout of an email sent by the BJN Group, we could also avail a discount of 20% on the bill!

Overall, a good experience and a must try for people who love Chinese food

Aromas of China is located @ Eva Mall, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Phone 41118422, 41118466


Vaayu Devo Bhava..

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It was friday evening and time to think where to hangout in the evening! I was so damn bored with the same old kinda food, restaurants and people.... Wanted to try out something completely different. Thats when my friend came to my rescue and suggested I should try out Vaayu - The Sky Lounge

Trusting the suggestion blindly, we went there during the happy hours (A Drink free with every drink you buy till 8 O' Clock all the evenings). The entry fee is Rs.1000 per couple which is redeemable during the payment of the bill.
The moment we stepped in, I felt, I was in a different world!!
This is one super cool open terrace lounge dimly lit with couches around and a place near the edge of the roof, where one could enjoy the drink and the food. We opted to consume that space and believe me, one would never regret being seated there... The view was good and the cool breeze was over-whelming!

The environment, the ambience was so good, I never realised when we finished our drink and the snacks and it was time for us to go back...

The service was quick, the drink was the usual and the crispy fried vegetable in chilli and garlic sauce was amazing and was apt for the chilly Bangalore weather.

Definitely, a place where one could take back the experience and come back for more!!!

Vaayu is loacted @ Eva Mall, BJN Floor, Level 5, No. 60 Brigade Rd, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Phone 41118477

Kuchh Bhi

Nahin nahin.. Kabhi nahin..

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My friend and I recently went there to quickly parcel some stuff for dinner. This girl was too hungry and had informed them to make it as quick as possible.
She’d ordered for Cantonese noodles and some veg gravy along with it. 15 minutes passed by, half an hour passed by, we kept on asking if its done.. All that they told us was “5 minutes mam”. They said, the gravy is ready and the noodles are getting done.

It was more than 45 minutes and my friend had almost lost patience. She spoke to somebody coming out of the kitchen to check if its done. And he was surprised to know we’d ordered for Cantonese noodles. Nobody had informed them about it!! Later, we were told, they had forgotten about it!
By this time, it was more than an hour.. my friend lost her patience completely and asked them to cancel the order and we started walking out. We stopped by the juice parlor next to kuch bhi and were waiting for some thick shake to arrive which could fill the stomach. From nowhere a waiter comes and hands over the parcel to us apologizing.

On our return, the completely annoyed friend of mine opened the pack to realize the Cantonese noodles were dripping oil and only oil!! As far as the gravy was concerned, it was nowhere close to warm and was just like sweet corn veg soup.

Looks like, they work towards completely dissatisfying the customers

Kuchh Bhi is located @ 37/4 22nd Cross, 3rd Block, Opp. Balaji Medicals, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 26345267

Realcane Sugarcane Juice Parlour

Replicated Concept but, Good!!

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Being an ardent lover of sugarcane juice, in addition to the reviews written on Real Cane Sugarcane juice parlor on burrp!, I just barged into the same and relish the fresh sugarcane juice. As usual, I opted for the ginger-lemon combination which is my all time favorite and loved it.

Definitely, this place is clean and hygienic and has the combinations with chat masala, ginger, lemon, salt and pepper and plain. A complete replica of Cane-O-La wrt looks, the juice combinations, the price of the juice and the paper cups – basically the entire concept.

For the love of sugarcane juice, I’d definitely go again!!

Realcane Sugarcane Juice Parlour is located @ #87/B, 7th Main 30th Crs, Jayanagar 4th Blk, Behind Ganesha Temple, Next to VGP, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 9880955114, 9844050409

Nandhini Paradise

Andhra Tahli, Bangalored

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My friends and I used to frequently visit this place 3 years back…
The ambience remains the same, but, it gets tooooooo crowded during the peak hours. To avoid this, one has to be really early and catch hold of their tables.

Though they specialize in andhra cuisine, the north-indian cuisine food available is good as well. The starters, fish fry, chicken 65, etc.. are perfectly cooked with right spices.

I’d generally go for the thali (they have only unlimited thalis), as that’s what they specialize in and for all the other cuisine they provide, I could taste it in a more authentic place.
The thali consists of the papad, the pulusu, pappu (dal for non-telgites), rasam, sambhar, 2 kinds of subzi, fresh curd and sweet. One could mix the rice with rasam and sambhar with oodles of ghee :)

You could also use the chutney pudi (garlic and groundnut based) and the Gongura chutney placed on the tables.

The service is quick and prompt. You may not get to spend too much time and relaxingly enjoy your food, specially during the peak hours as it gets terrible crowded.

FYI: They have a separate kitchen to cook the veg and the non-veg food. So, pure vegetarians could try this place anytime without any apprehensions and hassles

This is the place to be for people who love to eat rice in large quantities. And yes, the thali here is Bangalored - its not as spicy as the original andhra cuisine

Nandhini Paradise is located @ 27th cross (opp. Karnataka bank) 4th block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 26991199, 26991111


Ella Ok, Biryani Sour yaake?

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My friend an I bumped into this place by fluke. Indecisive about where to have dinner, found something new near ranka colony and decided to give our taste buds a try. It had rained and the roads were in a pathetic condition. One can afford to have a mud pack if they wish to

This place looked very neat with the off white flooring, dark mahogany furniture with the white cushioned seats. There were white pebbles placed between the two section of the dining hall and the kids played their way to glory here. They were all too excited and were competing on who would collect the maximum number of stones of different sizes.

We were guided to our table and were handed over the menu card. Tired and hungry, we wanted to eat something hot n spicy to accompany the chilled weather. We ordered the Manchow soup and the Tandoor Veg Platter for the starters. Both were extremely good with the right spicies and almost filled our belly. For the main course, since both of our staple food is rice, we ordered the kashmiri pulao and after 10mins, the waiter told us it wasnt available for the day. We then decided on the Tawa Veg Biryani.

Dont know if it was our bad day or they cook the tawa biryani this way.... It was sour to taste. The raita served was very sour too. The Biryani was made very oily and we had to start from there with half filled stomach unsatisfactorily.

Ella ok. Biryani sour yaake? Dont know how the rotis and the curries taste.. but, the biryani here is a complete no-no

Raga is located @ 178, Bilekahalli, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bangalore
Phone 26781201, 26781201

Club Cabana

For a Weekend Outing!

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Its been almost 14years since I met all of them…. I was so excited with some presumptions in my mind on how my childhood buddies could be looking now, would we all be comfortable in talking and approaching each other. Time just flies….
….. and a few of the primary school friends decided to meet up and spend the entire day together and have a weekend retreat @ Club Cabana.
We all met near the school and started our long journey. It took us a good one and half hours to reach the place.

Its entrance has a stone clad wall and lush green lawn and plants around which was warm and welcoming! They tied a band to all our hands without which we could not have an entry and use the facilities in the club. Entered the huge reception hall which was well done with the interiors of earthen and the brass pots, wooden shelves and huge chandler. The bar and the coffee shop were attached.

We had a person to guide us about the pool, the games etc.. and we could not wait longer to change and barge into the wave pool. After a good two hours in the pool, we rushed, changed and pounced on our plates to have the buffet. We were all terribly hungry and hogged the food. Since we were all too hungry, could not relish and enjoy it completely. The buffet consisted of the salads, the papad, the rotis, naans, roomali roti, spinach kofta, veg curry, dal, chicken curry, murgh masala, fried rice and curd rice. For desserts, there was vanilla icecream with fruit salad. I think by this time, my hunger had completely reduced and I got the real taste of the dessert. The fruit salad was bitter and the icecream wasn’t all that great.

After the lunch, we were completely charged up to play the other games. We were taken to the other place called “Jade Garden” – also belonging to Club Cabana which is right opposite the main one. There was bowling, then the carom, the badminton – I played this after a looong time and wasn’t bad at all! And ofcourse tried my hands billiards as well as a beginner.
It was the snacks time and they served veg rolls and samosas with tea / coffee.

The sun was almost getting off the view and we were dead tired. We made the payment and headed back home happily. Since, one our friends had the corporate discount, it was Rs.600 per head for the entire day activities with the food. Definitely worth and I thoroughly enjoyed with long lost friends :)

Highly recommended place for a weekend outing with friends and family!!

Club Cabana is located @ Sadahalli Village, Devanahalli Taluk, Bangalore
Phone 28467055, 28467056, 28467057, 28467058

Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri Stall


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This one is a road side shop offering mouth watering chaats – pani puri, dahi puri, paapdi chaat, aloo chaat etc.. One needs to pay and stand in the queue to get their orders. Each chaat costs Rs.10

My personal favorite here is the paapdi haat and the pani puri. The puris are too huge so, people with smaller mouths would surely find it difficult to put gulp. I have seen a few asking him to select the smaller puris and customize their chaat.
He claims this is one of the authentic Calcutta style pani puri served in Bangalore

Just another good chaat place in jayanagar for the chaat lovers!

Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri Stall is located @ 8th F Main Road, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Ganesh Darshan

Best Filter Coffee in Bangalore

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I have had the dosa, akki rotti, ragi rotti and bele obbattu here and always loved it. Especially the bele obbattu which is made fresh, served hot with ghee!
For whatever reasons, I had never sipped the coffee here. I still wonder why???!!!
Being voted as the best coffee makers in Bangalore in the Times Dosa and Coffee Contest, I dint want to miss it this time.

Last week, headed there straight after office and tried only coffee!!! Wow!! What an aroma it was. It was strong filter coffee - Its flavor hits your face and you would completely love the aroma…. It costs you Rs.7 per coffee

We, as Bangaloreans feel the coffee should be the last thing we should have as we love the flavor and the taste and we want that to remain in our taste buds for a long time. For that effect, filter coffee @ Ganesh Darshan is a must try!!
I am gonna go there again… may be this evening!! Or should I go now??
Ah.. well, cant wait any longer :)

Ganesh Darshan is located @ 244, 27th Cross, 9th Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 41505554

Cafe Coffee Day

Coffee Fest 08

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Coffee Fest was happening across Bangalore for 2 weeks now and I somehow managed for the same on the last day during the last few hours.

The fest had:
Brew-a-Cuppa, where we were taught how to make the right blend of coffee and get certified!
Bean-o-Kraft, where one could get creative and make something using beans and paints and paper and whatever they liked!!
Battle of the Brew, where one could invent their own signature Brew!!!

I got certified for Brew-a-Cuppa; she taught me how to make the decoction using the 2 kinds of filters they had. We opted for the Malabar Monsoon. It was a light bodied coffee containing 100% Arabica having unique taste of its own – ideally for black coffee! Wish I had opted for the Dark Forest. I would have enjoyed the flavor and the aroma more as this is more of my type.

There were other kinds of coffee for offer: Dark Forest – This one is exclusively for coffee lovers, a 100% pure strong coffee. Arabicaah – 100% pure filter coffee, Perfect – A perfect blend of pure coffee and chicory in a 80-20 ration, Charge – Strong coffee with extra dose of 35% chicory for those who need a re-charge

They’ve also introduced a new flavor called Morning Java – It has a blend of beans from Cerrado in Brazil nad Chikamagalur in Karnataka. It’s a full bodied brew with light chocolate and caramel tones. Hmmmm… this one sounds good!! May be I’ll buy this and try it out myself

Cafe Coffee Day is located @ Below Brigade Homestead, Opp Maiya Nursing Home, Madhavan Park Road, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Pai Viceroy

Losing Charm...

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There used to be a time when I frequented Pai Viceroy with family and friends. Loved everything there..

My recent visit disappointed me. The kashmiri pulao did not taste good and it was too oily. The roti’s were soft and fluffy but, the gravies were overloaded with oil.
But, there’s good news!! The paneer sauté just tastes the same :) don’t know how they make it so delicious and I was wondering, why aren’t they maintaining the same consistency with other rice and gravies. The mocktails are a sure winner and it made my day!!

They also serve the breakfast buffet and the lunch buffet. Did try their lunch buffet which was basically thai cuisine on the day I went and it was passable.
An ok place to for dinner / lunch if you around jayanagar and also, if all the other restaurants are crowded

Pai viceroy is located @ 9th Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 26535400

Upahara Darshini

Dosa Anytime..

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This place is voted for making 3rd best dosa in Bangalore in the recent Times Dosa and Coffee Contest. My friend and I ventured to figure out the same…
The masala dosa is served with a sealed pack of butter. So, people who are diet conscious can avoid this dollop of butter on the already greasy dosa. Chutney was good but, the sambhar was too watery.. Dosa tasted good, though I like the dosas from so many other places in Bangalore. The coffee served was passable. It was very light and less aromatic.
They have a service hall on the 1st floor and is open most of the time, though the board near the stair entrance says “Service Hall Closed”. They also serve Chinese and North Indian cuisine food in addition to chaats in the evenings

They also serve the mangalore kadubu (kind of idly in the shape of a glass cooked with the jackfruit leaf covered on it) for breakfast. This has a different flavour and tastes good!

If possible try and avaoid going during the peak hours as it gets madly crowded. If you are going on a sunday for breakfast, make sure you are there early or be ready to wait for a while to be seated

Upahara Darshini is located @ 25/26 Jayanagar, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 41210637

The Nawab


This review is also available on burrp!
After many round abouts, not knowing the area well, got lost by the different directions given to us by different people and finally found the gem!! Yeah.. a true gem there :)
This one is on Kumara Krupa Road.. but, one should not take the road that goes towards Grand Ashok. Plz take left turn on Shivanada Circle signal and you would find The Solitaire on the right hand side.

I had heard about this new chic and luxurious restaurant a few months ago…. But, I visiting The Nawab got materialized recently.

The entrance looks beautiful with the shade of blue all over. The space between the stones on the floor in the portico also has blue lights which makes it look even better.
The tall security guy with the cowboy had salutes and welcomes you inside and you find 3 receptionists coming for your assistance.
We were directed towards another guy dressed in the kurta and patiala pajama who escorted us to The Nawab which is on the 1st floor. The door looks rich and definitely nawabi. The dining hall is decorated to look like the interiors of the palace. They have used wood wherever possible. The tables and the chairs look royal and used by the typical raja maharajas.

I had booked the table in prior and they directed us towards the non-smoking zone. The serviette was white in color with zari border and was softest ever compared to all the other restaurants I have been to.
Every table had a candle stand with 3 candles glowing and the entire hall is dimly lit.

The candle stand, the flower vase, the spoon, the fork, the knife, the water jug, everything looked as though its made of solid silver. I don’t know if its silver coated or it’s the solid silver!!!
We had the Finlandia Vodka and the Beer. For the starters we opted for Veg Galouti Kebab which was cooked to perfection. It tasted delicious!

For the main course, we ordered Missi Parantha, Laccha Parantha and Gunsha – E – Bahar (Cauliflower cooked in tomato based gravy). Believe me, this is out of the world. Lip smacking and finger licking to the core. But, they took a miserable 45 minutes to serve this (and they loose a star for the same). Then we ordered the Veg Zaffarani Pulao (Basmati rice cooked in milk with a few strands of saffron and a very mild spice. The flavor spreads the moment its served on your plate. People who like their rice spicy, please stay away from this as this is more on the bland side.

We were just too full to order the Desserts (there were some interesting ones)

Meal for two would approximately cost around Rs.1000/- incl tax

I am gonna go here again to try out their other restaurants aswell.. there’s 7th heaven (heard one can get an awesome view of the race course from this roof top restaurant), Bean Here (Coffee Shop), The Mine (Pub)

The Nawab is highly recommended for people who love mughlai and the lucknowi cuisine

The Nawab is located @ The Solitaire, 3, Kumara Krupa Road, Kumara Park, Bangalore
Phone 40443636

Barbeque Nation

Get High on Grill!

This review is also available on burrp!
This one, newly opened in J P Nagar, one of its kinds in the south Bangalore in addition to my craving for the grilled food, made my friend and I go there on a lazy afternoon for brunch. You need to land on the 3rd floor, above Levi’s Showroom to find the waiting area.

We were there by 12:30PM and were asked to wait for a few more minutes. Later, the receptionist informed us on the 2 kinds of buffet they have as an offering!
One was 250+tax and the other was 450+tax. The only difference was, the later had 2 starters extra incl of the sizzlers.

We chose our option and headed towards our table. The dining hall is pretty huge and was well lit with the natural light!!
We had our complimentary soft drinks and started off with our barbeques.

They serve only mineral water. So, people who are too bothered, realx! We could use the balsamic vinegar / chilly vinegar / origami placed on our tables for the barbeques. To add to it we had the spiced curd, mango sauce and the cinnamon based sauce. I loved all the 3 :)
Since, both of had only vegetarian food, the choices were the paneer and the vegetable barbeque. They have a flag on each table which is used as the indication for more service of the barbeques. If we bend it, they stop serving the same and start to serve the starters. The starters had the aloo tikki kinda stuff along with the fried babycorn.

The waiters were always round the corner and made sure our requirements are taken care of immediately and at the same time, also maintain our privacy.

The main course is buffet and it was an 18 course menu!!!! I tasted the corn pulav, the large choice of salads, rice and dal makhni, roti with veg curry and the butter paneer, the pasta (was hard) and the garlic noodles (passable)
For dessert, we had the hot gulab jamoon, blueberry mousse, walnut cake, black forest pastry and firni (did not taste good)

They also had some space where they could play some live music!! Guess, its only in the evenings

Overall, a different experience and place to hang out with family and friends. I am sure, for non-vegetarians who has a good appetite, this place would be the paradise.
Definitely, worth a try!!

Barbeque Nation is located @ 67, 15th cross, 6th B main, JP Nagar, Bangalore
Phone 40919191

Puliyogare Point

Home Food!!... Away From home

All you who love the authentic Iyengar Food, head to Puliyogare Point!!
They serve the lip smacking puliyogare, pongal, sakkare pongal, thair sadam (curd rice), Molagu kootu sadam (Chilly kootu rice), Lemon rice, Menthi rice, Dill leaves rice, pulav, vangi bath, thenga sadam (coconut rice), chapathi with gojju / sago / yengai (brinjal curry), akki rotti and otthu shavige (home made rice noodles)

Each of those mentioned above tastes excellent and keeps you craving for more. Ofcourse it better be.. coz’ they get all the rice savories are from the famous “Kadambam” on the Bull Temple Road

Apart from those mentioned above, they make the in-house thatte idly, kanjeevaram idly, mini idly sambhar, curd oddly, uddina vade, ambode, upma and sajjige.
All you people with sweet tooth will also get to enjoy sajjappa, athirasa, besan laddu, gari laddu, manohara, badam puri, mysore pak and obbattu.

On Sundays, one can also relish on nucchinunde (slurrrrp!), kadamba sadam, taakari rooti and gasagase payasa
It’s a very small place with around 6 tables. But, to truly enjoy, please parcel whatever you want to and enjoy the homely food @ home

I am sure gonna go there for sure again n again… n again!!!

More Than Paranthas

Its all about Paranthas and More!!

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When I called MTP to book the table, we were told they book it only till 7:30PM and beyond that, we need to walkin and wait…
I dint want to be late. So, me and my friend made it on time.

The small stair entrance leads you towards the beautiful door and the moment you step in, you would find the dim lit dining hall, with the shiny read and off-white stones laid on the floor. Those shiny red ones are like the one in Umerkot. We opted for the corner table, next to the window.. the interiors showcases the mughul kinda work all over. The walls, the tables, the design on the window pane, the attire of the waiters, etc… It has a royal and the luxurious look reminding one about the old Delhi and the Rajasthan

The table has the thick black stone with the intricate pattern of smaller stones inlaid on it. Looked like one of the finest of the mughul work extremely detailed and delicate. The drinks menu card was the usual… the next menu card given, had the chaats , starters and the mocktail list. We ordered the Dahi puchka which I loved though my friend felt it was a little too sweet. Then it was the Stuffed Aloo Gulnar which tasted amazing with the mint chutney!!
Along with this, we also ordered the Mr.India (mocktail) and Sweet lassi. Lassi was the usual but, Mr.India was good!

For the main course, they have a separate menu card which is exhaustive!!! There are hundreds of mouth watering paranthas listed!!
Banjee ke roti (the usual ones we get in any other restaurant), Kabil-e-tarif, Pocket parantha, Jodhpur ke khazane se, Regular Masahari Stuffed Paranthas, Premium Shakahari Stuffed Paranthas, Paranthewali Gali Ki Peshkash were a few of the classifications under which there were a number of paranthas listed.

The waiter suggested the Jodhpuri Garlic Parantha and the Chur chur Parantha (mix of chakki flour, suji, butter and ajwain kneaded, stuffed and roasted). This was crisp and crushed and was too heavy by the time we finished it. The Dal-e-MTP with those paranthas was the best combination. It was cooked with lots butter and cream. The meal was wholesome and sumptuous.
It was one of the best meals I ever had in the recent past. Really!!

A meal for two without drinks would approximately cost Rs.1100/-

The service was quick and prompt and the waiters helped us in selecting the paranthas.
The ambience was brilliant, food was excellent and the price was slightly on the expensive side.
A highly recommended place for the exuberant ambience with delicious food :)

More Than Paranthas is located @ 610, 6th Block, 80 Feet Main Road, Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone 41724630, 41724640, 41724650

Beijing Bites

Just Another Place for Chinese and Thai

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An ad-hoc decision got us here for the dinner. Its on the 1st floor of the newly built building and one can still smell the freshly coated paint on the stairway. Interiors is the usual one.. combination of crimson red and the off-white with the Chinese artifacts and the umbrellas on to the walls.

The dining hall was dim lit. The complimentary salad was as usual good. We ordered the Tom khim fak bang soup – Soup with a dash of spinach, carrot and potato which I felt could have been more spicier. The veg dumplings for starters was like the fried wontons in a different shape. Tasted good though!!

For the main course, I dint want to have something that could be too heavy or fried. So, opted for American Choupsey which had the sweet and sour combination and liked it.
Since, we were full, could not try the rice there. It looked attractive on the other tables.. anyway, there’s always a next time.
The Dessert – the most interesting one, I had the icecream with fried walnut and honey and my friend tried the date pancake with icecream. Both tasted yummy! Though they don’t have much choices for the dessert, I liked this the most in the entire meal.

The waiters were struggling to understand english. There were only 2 guys who could comprehend what we said. For the desserts, they took a sweet more than 20 minutes to serve.
While we were having food, the power went off and they did not have a backup. Waited for almost 15minutes for the lights to tunr on again

Overall, an ok place. One could try this if you wanna badly eat Chinese when in jayanagar.

Beijing Bites is located @ 45, 11th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 42068488

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Pongal

For Pongal Lovers

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My friend who goes here for breakfast regularly, me made accompany him for the same during a weekend. A small congested place where the waiters understand only tamil, serve the hot pongal with coconut chutney. It tastes good, just like the pongal that’s served in the temples as “Prasad”.

They also make varieties of dosas like masala dosa, pudi dosa, plain dosa, paper dosa, onion dosa and many more. My jaw dropped looking at the way he making them. Makes one feel its too easy and simple to make all these varieties. In 2 minutes, am sure he atleast makes more than 12 dosas.

There was also something called as tanjore idly which I dint try. Looked attractive though. Mixes some masalas into it and heard that’s good too.

Ambience is not worth mentioning here. Prices are very reasonable. Hence, mostly frequented by students and bachelors

The Pongal is located @ 1861, South End C Cross, East End Main Road, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Brahmin's Coffee Bar

For the Best Idli, Chutney and Vada in Bangalore

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Being one of the oldest eat joint in Bangalore, they serve the best butter idlies, crispy vadas and of course mouth watering chutney along with it.

It’s a very small place, one needs to pay for whatever they want to eat at the counter which is almost on the footpath, sneak in and place the order. The man who takes the order, would be passing it on to the people in the kitchen. And this, he does verbally and continuously… I wonder how the order comes out perfectly, don’t people there get confused?? There’s nothing in written they count on. Its all in the mind. Well, whatever, they are the perfectionists and have been doing it for ages now.

The idlies and the vadas are completely dipped in the chutney…. Believe me, many people, like me, go for the second and the third servings of chutney. To avoid the rush and the spillover of chutney, there’s a different counter outside, where this man, serves only chutney. How can a bangalorean’s meal get over without sipping the hot and fresh filter coffee. Its an amazing way to end the meal with satisfaction.

People who want to try this super soft idlies, need to be there before 12 in the noon, between 3-7 in the evening and definitely not on Sundays as they remain closed.

Brahmin's Coffee Bar is located @ Ranga Rao Road (Near Shankar Mutt), Shankarpuram, Sankarapuram, Bangalore

Shree Mithai

Not Just for Sweets..

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Its been almost 3 years since I went to Shree Mithai. Used to love the khandvi and khaman dhokla there. Being a fan of gujju food, I love it in any form - not being aware of the authenticity. My craving led me to this place again..

My eyes searched for those favorites… n yeah, rest all is the history. Khaman was too soft and I found it difficult to hold. khandvi was perfect and the combination with the tamarind chutney was awesome. My stomach was filled with satisfaction. But, the sweet tooth I have made me relish the Ras Malai :)

Got theple, khakra, rasagulla, jamoon, bhakarwadi parceled for people back home. The coconut burfi, badam milk, shrikhand available here is mouth watering as well. People who are too calorie conscious, please stay away…

They also sell fresh cream, paneer and varieties of namkeens

Shree Mithai is located @ 5TH Block, 80 Feet Road, Opposite Raheja Arcade, Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone 25711032

Taja Masala Soda

Homemade Paranthas and Pastries

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Never knew this existed for the past 4 years. Initiated by a housewife for running the households

Started with just the chats and soda during the summer, she wanted to diversify as the season changed. Since, it’s a very small place, they dint want to make too many things and make a mess out of it… so, kicked off with the paranthas. Gradually the diversification also led to Pastries, cookies, cakes and frankies (rolls).

I have tasted all the above here and believe me it just tastes like homemade :) She uses very less oil to make paranthas and its very thin. It is served with yogurt and pickle. The varieties include alu, gobi, mixed veg, baby corn, corn, palak, tomato garlic and many more.
The pure chocolate cake and the mango pastry are yummy (eggless pastries and cakes are available too)

Sodas come in many flavours – lime, strawberry, blueberry, etc.. One would mostly find the college crowd there. Looks like its one of their favorite addas

People planning to go there, plz parcel all that you want to eat instead of having the same there. Its too narrow and congested. Its one of the easy options available for me and my colleagues if we don’t get the lunch.

Paranthas and Frankies cost Rs.10, Pastries and cakes for Rs.15 and Rs.20, Sodas for Rs.5 and Rs.7
Definitely an affordable place for students and Bangalore loners who wants to have some homemade kinda stuff for a real good price.

Taja Masala Soda is located @ 28/2 Mount Joy Road, Ashok Nagar, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Phone 9900252146

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dal Tadka

Mouth Watering Dal Bati and Moongdal Halwa

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Time just flies… I met my friend after 8 long years. Being a south Indian, he’s lived in all parts of India, mostly in Rajasthan offlate. We decided to meet up for dinner in Dal Tadka to have the Rajasthani cuisine and also check if its authentic Rajasthani or the south indianized version of it.

The restaurant is on 1st floor, the moment you enter a board which reads “Padhaaro Saa” meaning “You are Welcome” is placed. They have tried to give the rajasthani look by decorating the floor with clothes with mirror work on it. The settees and the cushions are brightly colored. This dining hall is meant for people who opt for buffet only. Since, we decided to opt for the a la carte, we were guided to a different dining hall.
I let my friend decide on what we had to eat, coz’ amongst the two of us, he was the better judge as far as rajasthani food was concerned. We ordered the alu tikki (the whole of alu fried with masala in between) which was served with the chilly and tamarind chutney. I just love the sour, sweet and hot combination and enjoyed it thoroughly. I had decided to order the moong dal halwa for the dessert, but my friend suggested, the sweets are eaten at the beginning of the meal in rajasthan and not eaten as the dessert. So, relished the moong dal halwa immediately. It had the right amount of sugar and dollops of ghee.
For the main course, we had the Dal Bati (Bati – wheat ball cooked in charcoal fire), which actually is a part of the Rajasthani Thali. But, the waiter obliged to serve it separately for us. I dint even know how to eat it. My friend taught me how to and also said, its harder in Rajasthan and here they’ve made it softer and is more convenient. This tasted was very different for me and I loved it completely.
The food here, is served on steel plates. The soup is served in steel bowls as well. Meal for the two of us costed around 400 bucks.
Overall a good experience. I would go to this place again to eat dal bati and moongdal halwa :)

Dal Tadka is located @ No.1, Above HDFC Bank, Opposite Food World, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Kathriguppe Main Road, Bangalore
Phone 26691763, 9448235118