Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Upahara Darshini

Dosa Anytime..

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This place is voted for making 3rd best dosa in Bangalore in the recent Times Dosa and Coffee Contest. My friend and I ventured to figure out the same…
The masala dosa is served with a sealed pack of butter. So, people who are diet conscious can avoid this dollop of butter on the already greasy dosa. Chutney was good but, the sambhar was too watery.. Dosa tasted good, though I like the dosas from so many other places in Bangalore. The coffee served was passable. It was very light and less aromatic.
They have a service hall on the 1st floor and is open most of the time, though the board near the stair entrance says “Service Hall Closed”. They also serve Chinese and North Indian cuisine food in addition to chaats in the evenings

They also serve the mangalore kadubu (kind of idly in the shape of a glass cooked with the jackfruit leaf covered on it) for breakfast. This has a different flavour and tastes good!

If possible try and avaoid going during the peak hours as it gets madly crowded. If you are going on a sunday for breakfast, make sure you are there early or be ready to wait for a while to be seated

Upahara Darshini is located @ 25/26 Jayanagar, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 41210637

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