Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Blessed Life

I’ve always wanted to express this. Either write about it or tell somebody about it!
December 2007 is when I joined Sonata Software with new hopes, new ambitions, new aspirations, new apprehensions and of course looking forward for new friends!
A few days after I joined, there was this new comer with full of energy and came with some kinda spark. Small conversation with her and realized she’s just gotten engaged to the love of her life and very soon she’d get into the knotty (naughty? :) ) life!

The D-Day in A’s life was approaching faster! There was lot of hustle-bustle goin’ on in her family with all the relatives busy with arrangements.
I went there on the Mehandi Rasam Day. According to the directions given, without asking anybody else to help me more on that, I headed straight to her house, where there was so much cacophony combined with celebrations!

Things, people and everything else - all scattered and it all looked so colorful! There was so much happiness spread, I felt, I was in a paradise :)
They started serving us variety of snacks, which obviously I started digging into, relishing each one of it, in and out! Later, the music slowly started, and one by one started moving their arse off the chair and started shaking the same totally engrossed into it enjoying the same. People totally forgot what they were trying to do, what were the steps, it was a total new dance formation!!

I love taking pics and there I was, on my job shooting all those marvelous pics of different dance poses – from the youngest 2 year old giving the innocent pose to the elders and the oldest giving all the jhataka-matkas. One of her aunts who managed to dance throughout the evening with her high heeled footwear when asked how she managed to dance so long with such a footwear said, “the moves are more sensuous with the pointed heels and the shapes are noticed how its supposed to be”

Here was my friend sitting in a corner was getting decked up in mehendi on her hands and the legs, badly wanting to dance her heart out (being a dancer herself, this was obviously more tempting for her), had to just watch and enjoy from far. In between shooting, I not only fed myself, also fed A as poor thing was not just getting tempted but also was hungry. She had to be satisfied with atleast the food when others were dancing.

After a while, I washed my hands with the still camera and moved on to the camcorder – the one I’m better at and love fiddling with more than the still camera. This was even better as I got to record everybody’s emotions while they danced along.

A’s mom had mixed emotions. She was happy yet sad at the same time. She wanted to express many things and dint want to too – all at the same time. May be this is what all mothers go through when they are giving away their piece of the heart and trying to place it safe in somebody else’s hands. The very thought of missing them in their routine life, tolerating them being cranky and pranky could be tougher.

A’s sister, cousins and aunts danced so well, the men out there just could not resist. I managed to record those who were in hiding to watch how the gals danced. Boys will be boys!! :D

The stars were shining bright and the moon was looking absolutely romantic setting things right for the D-Day of my dear friend. Yeah!! Did I just say that? I have found friends in Sonata Software. The culture is way too different here. One would feel it’s a home away from home. Really!

It was almost 10PM and I had to head back home. Quickly gulped my dinner, got my hands filled with the mehendi, bid goodbye to A promising her, I’d be back early next morning with other colleagues to witness the wedding, to bless her and wish her all the good luck.

She calls hers a blessed life with all her loved ones around! Indeed, it is and I wish it remains the same always!! :)


  1. Its written to the perfection...
    It wont be Boys who watch it would be Men who would do it..