Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brahmin's Coffee Bar

For the Best Idli, Chutney and Vada in Bangalore

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Being one of the oldest eat joint in Bangalore, they serve the best butter idlies, crispy vadas and of course mouth watering chutney along with it.

It’s a very small place, one needs to pay for whatever they want to eat at the counter which is almost on the footpath, sneak in and place the order. The man who takes the order, would be passing it on to the people in the kitchen. And this, he does verbally and continuously… I wonder how the order comes out perfectly, don’t people there get confused?? There’s nothing in written they count on. Its all in the mind. Well, whatever, they are the perfectionists and have been doing it for ages now.

The idlies and the vadas are completely dipped in the chutney…. Believe me, many people, like me, go for the second and the third servings of chutney. To avoid the rush and the spillover of chutney, there’s a different counter outside, where this man, serves only chutney. How can a bangalorean’s meal get over without sipping the hot and fresh filter coffee. Its an amazing way to end the meal with satisfaction.

People who want to try this super soft idlies, need to be there before 12 in the noon, between 3-7 in the evening and definitely not on Sundays as they remain closed.

Brahmin's Coffee Bar is located @ Ranga Rao Road (Near Shankar Mutt), Shankarpuram, Sankarapuram, Bangalore


  1. i love the b'fast here... one of the best places in south blore...

  2. Hey Roopa, how you doing...I love Brahmin's coffee bar, was about to write it in Burrp! ; when I came across your blog!!!! My entire family enjoys breakfast in Brahmin's, its my Fav!