Monday, February 2, 2009

Dal Tadka

Mouth Watering Dal Bati and Moongdal Halwa

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Time just flies… I met my friend after 8 long years. Being a south Indian, he’s lived in all parts of India, mostly in Rajasthan offlate. We decided to meet up for dinner in Dal Tadka to have the Rajasthani cuisine and also check if its authentic Rajasthani or the south indianized version of it.

The restaurant is on 1st floor, the moment you enter a board which reads “Padhaaro Saa” meaning “You are Welcome” is placed. They have tried to give the rajasthani look by decorating the floor with clothes with mirror work on it. The settees and the cushions are brightly colored. This dining hall is meant for people who opt for buffet only. Since, we decided to opt for the a la carte, we were guided to a different dining hall.
I let my friend decide on what we had to eat, coz’ amongst the two of us, he was the better judge as far as rajasthani food was concerned. We ordered the alu tikki (the whole of alu fried with masala in between) which was served with the chilly and tamarind chutney. I just love the sour, sweet and hot combination and enjoyed it thoroughly. I had decided to order the moong dal halwa for the dessert, but my friend suggested, the sweets are eaten at the beginning of the meal in rajasthan and not eaten as the dessert. So, relished the moong dal halwa immediately. It had the right amount of sugar and dollops of ghee.
For the main course, we had the Dal Bati (Bati – wheat ball cooked in charcoal fire), which actually is a part of the Rajasthani Thali. But, the waiter obliged to serve it separately for us. I dint even know how to eat it. My friend taught me how to and also said, its harder in Rajasthan and here they’ve made it softer and is more convenient. This tasted was very different for me and I loved it completely.
The food here, is served on steel plates. The soup is served in steel bowls as well. Meal for the two of us costed around 400 bucks.
Overall a good experience. I would go to this place again to eat dal bati and moongdal halwa :)

Dal Tadka is located @ No.1, Above HDFC Bank, Opposite Food World, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Kathriguppe Main Road, Bangalore
Phone 26691763, 9448235118

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