Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aromas of China

You'll fall in Love with the Bamboo Rice

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I’ve fallen in love with BJN group of restaurants so much these days, I generally end up opting and indulging myself in their amazing service, food, ambience and the theme.

It was time to try out the Aromas of China in Eva Mall. The restaurant has the usual crimson red color all over with the feng shui hangings here and there.
We tried the Sichuan Sour and Pepper Soup (Chef’s recommendation) – Similar to hot and sour soup, but this was thick and had a different kind of mushroom which is supposed to be imported from China.
For the starters, we blindly had the chef’s recommendation and it was Vegetable Suimai which was like momos in a different shape.

For the main course, we wanted to try out something different and had the Bamboo Rice. Believe me; the aroma was just too amazing!! The name of the restaurant really stands by what they claim!!! The flavor was out of the world and all of gave a thumbs up for this. In combination with this, we were served Seasonal Vegetable with Brocolli in sauce (again the chef’s recommendation and my friends’ love for broccoli). Looks like, am gonna go there just to enjoy the Bamboo Rice again :)

Though, my stomach was protruding with the amount of food I had eaten, I still managed to squeeze in the dessert – Frozen vanilla scoop with cherry dipped in Brandy.

Since, we had the printout of an email sent by the BJN Group, we could also avail a discount of 20% on the bill!

Overall, a good experience and a must try for people who love Chinese food

Aromas of China is located @ Eva Mall, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Phone 41118422, 41118466

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