Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Pongal

For Pongal Lovers

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My friend who goes here for breakfast regularly, me made accompany him for the same during a weekend. A small congested place where the waiters understand only tamil, serve the hot pongal with coconut chutney. It tastes good, just like the pongal that’s served in the temples as “Prasad”.

They also make varieties of dosas like masala dosa, pudi dosa, plain dosa, paper dosa, onion dosa and many more. My jaw dropped looking at the way he making them. Makes one feel its too easy and simple to make all these varieties. In 2 minutes, am sure he atleast makes more than 12 dosas.

There was also something called as tanjore idly which I dint try. Looked attractive though. Mixes some masalas into it and heard that’s good too.

Ambience is not worth mentioning here. Prices are very reasonable. Hence, mostly frequented by students and bachelors

The Pongal is located @ 1861, South End C Cross, East End Main Road, Jayanagar, Bangalore

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