Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Taja Masala Soda

Homemade Paranthas and Pastries

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Never knew this existed for the past 4 years. Initiated by a housewife for running the households

Started with just the chats and soda during the summer, she wanted to diversify as the season changed. Since, it’s a very small place, they dint want to make too many things and make a mess out of it… so, kicked off with the paranthas. Gradually the diversification also led to Pastries, cookies, cakes and frankies (rolls).

I have tasted all the above here and believe me it just tastes like homemade :) She uses very less oil to make paranthas and its very thin. It is served with yogurt and pickle. The varieties include alu, gobi, mixed veg, baby corn, corn, palak, tomato garlic and many more.
The pure chocolate cake and the mango pastry are yummy (eggless pastries and cakes are available too)

Sodas come in many flavours – lime, strawberry, blueberry, etc.. One would mostly find the college crowd there. Looks like its one of their favorite addas

People planning to go there, plz parcel all that you want to eat instead of having the same there. Its too narrow and congested. Its one of the easy options available for me and my colleagues if we don’t get the lunch.

Paranthas and Frankies cost Rs.10, Pastries and cakes for Rs.15 and Rs.20, Sodas for Rs.5 and Rs.7
Definitely an affordable place for students and Bangalore loners who wants to have some homemade kinda stuff for a real good price.

Taja Masala Soda is located @ 28/2 Mount Joy Road, Ashok Nagar, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Phone 9900252146

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