Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Vaayu Devo Bhava..

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It was friday evening and time to think where to hangout in the evening! I was so damn bored with the same old kinda food, restaurants and people.... Wanted to try out something completely different. Thats when my friend came to my rescue and suggested I should try out Vaayu - The Sky Lounge

Trusting the suggestion blindly, we went there during the happy hours (A Drink free with every drink you buy till 8 O' Clock all the evenings). The entry fee is Rs.1000 per couple which is redeemable during the payment of the bill.
The moment we stepped in, I felt, I was in a different world!!
This is one super cool open terrace lounge dimly lit with couches around and a place near the edge of the roof, where one could enjoy the drink and the food. We opted to consume that space and believe me, one would never regret being seated there... The view was good and the cool breeze was over-whelming!

The environment, the ambience was so good, I never realised when we finished our drink and the snacks and it was time for us to go back...

The service was quick, the drink was the usual and the crispy fried vegetable in chilli and garlic sauce was amazing and was apt for the chilly Bangalore weather.

Definitely, a place where one could take back the experience and come back for more!!!

Vaayu is loacted @ Eva Mall, BJN Floor, Level 5, No. 60 Brigade Rd, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Phone 41118477

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