Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Club Cabana

For a Weekend Outing!

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Its been almost 14years since I met all of them…. I was so excited with some presumptions in my mind on how my childhood buddies could be looking now, would we all be comfortable in talking and approaching each other. Time just flies….
….. and a few of the primary school friends decided to meet up and spend the entire day together and have a weekend retreat @ Club Cabana.
We all met near the school and started our long journey. It took us a good one and half hours to reach the place.

Its entrance has a stone clad wall and lush green lawn and plants around which was warm and welcoming! They tied a band to all our hands without which we could not have an entry and use the facilities in the club. Entered the huge reception hall which was well done with the interiors of earthen and the brass pots, wooden shelves and huge chandler. The bar and the coffee shop were attached.

We had a person to guide us about the pool, the games etc.. and we could not wait longer to change and barge into the wave pool. After a good two hours in the pool, we rushed, changed and pounced on our plates to have the buffet. We were all terribly hungry and hogged the food. Since we were all too hungry, could not relish and enjoy it completely. The buffet consisted of the salads, the papad, the rotis, naans, roomali roti, spinach kofta, veg curry, dal, chicken curry, murgh masala, fried rice and curd rice. For desserts, there was vanilla icecream with fruit salad. I think by this time, my hunger had completely reduced and I got the real taste of the dessert. The fruit salad was bitter and the icecream wasn’t all that great.

After the lunch, we were completely charged up to play the other games. We were taken to the other place called “Jade Garden” – also belonging to Club Cabana which is right opposite the main one. There was bowling, then the carom, the badminton – I played this after a looong time and wasn’t bad at all! And ofcourse tried my hands billiards as well as a beginner.
It was the snacks time and they served veg rolls and samosas with tea / coffee.

The sun was almost getting off the view and we were dead tired. We made the payment and headed back home happily. Since, one our friends had the corporate discount, it was Rs.600 per head for the entire day activities with the food. Definitely worth and I thoroughly enjoyed with long lost friends :)

Highly recommended place for a weekend outing with friends and family!!

Club Cabana is located @ Sadahalli Village, Devanahalli Taluk, Bangalore
Phone 28467055, 28467056, 28467057, 28467058

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