Tuesday, March 3, 2009

7th Heaven


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Having read about the theme – The Poolside Brunch, my friend and I decided to binge there on Sunday. We had made our prior bookings as always and arrived a little late. Thanks to the non-stop Bangalore showers.
We headed straight to the 7th floor, just to realize how beautiful the race course looks. We could view the entire race course and this was the first time, I gotta see it this way!! Just amazing! The dining hall has the glass wall and we sat tight next to it to enjoy the beauty of Bangalore from the 7th Floor.

I was too delighted to experience their theme. We went around and checked whats there on the buffet menu, the games, the pool, the live music, caricature, face painting and astrology (where the parrot picks the card to tell you about the fortune).

We just settled in our respective table, and we were immediately approached to ask us on what we’d like to have for the drinks. They had a choice of unlimited Beer and inhouse Wine.
We opted for wine, and it tasted like the port wine. A few minutes later, we were also served 2 kinds of starters – babycorn with red and yellow peppers and the other one was mixture of many vegetables in an onion and tomato based gravy.

In between the meal, I went and got the scorpion painted on my back, played the shooting game, in which I failed undoubtedly and managed to somehow hook the bottle in the other game. The spread of salad was good enough to satisfy our palate. The main course had multiple types of rice and the gravy mix, the appam with the vegetable stew and there was white rice with the dal makhni and yellow dal. Since, it was brunch, there was an option to have the different kinds of corn flakes with cold milk, pista milkshake and strawberry milkshake (they call this kesar kalakand). Ofcourse there were buns, breads and the croissants.

Before we headed for the dessert, gave pose for the caricature and tried our luck with the parrot astrology :)

The dessert comprised of the white forest and black forest, tiramisu, chocolate pyramid, doodh peda, 2 types of Bengali sweets, jamoon and many others the names of which I’m unable to recollect. They did not have the icecream, but when asked, they immediately got 2 big scoops of vanilla icecream.

After the heavy brunch, I got the Arabic style mehendi applied on my hand. Definitely never wanted to miss on this one!!
The brunch costs Rs.650 + tax per person which I feel was worth the experience.

The experience was quite different to me till date. Kids were the happiest running all over and getting painted everywhere possible. Truly, for a weekend outing where one wants to spend time, 7th Heaven is the place to be.

7th Heaven is located @ The Solitaire Hotel, #3, Kumara Park, Bangalore
Phone 40443636

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