Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Tandoori Heights

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Many of my friends suggested me to try this place umpteen number of times giving me rave reviews on the food and the ambience.

An unplanned schedule with a friend took me there. Believe me, I realized, I had missed something for a long time!!
Being not sure of the availability of the table, we just barged in to check if we had some luck. And we really did have some :)

The janitor said with a pleasant smile, “Zaroor Madam, table khaali hai”. I signaled my friend and waited in the waiting area and in the mean while, the janitor spoke to me so much and gave me lots of info on their restaurant and its locations. We went into the dining hall and were directed towards the 1st floor. On our way, I noticed a huge bottle of black dog whisky. I had never seen such a huge bottle in my life before!

We comfortably placed ourselves on the chairs. The interior looks royal and they’ve taken extra care to make the painting on the walls and the roof very beautiful. The chandeliers were pretty and looked expensive. There were many firangis enjoying the Indian meal and licking their fingers!

There were no much choice of veg soup, so we ended up with the alu chaat (I’ll go there exclusively to eat this) and a kebab. The quantity and the size of kabab were so big; our tummies were almost filled with the same. Not completely satisfied, we thought, we should make more justice to our stomachs and ordered missi roti and butter naan with a cottage cheese kofta. Looking at the size of the naan, my friend had almost decided to get the same thing packed but, managed to eat half of the quantity. The kofta had dollops and more dollops of butter in it making me extra conscious for a while. After, tasting, I just continued to gobble it all up without any second thought.

The service was super quick and the ambience was one of the best till date. The total damage for the two of us was around Rs.700+
I definitely recommend this place. Its worth visiting for sure!

Tandoor is located @ 28, Centenary Building, MG Road, Bangalore
Phone 25584620, 25596961

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