Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Andhra Thali at its Best

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With a dear one's recommendation on a must try thali and the biryani here, my friend and I headed straight here without any second thought. The decor and the interiors are somethings that could be compared to nandhini and other andhra cuisine restaurants.

We opted for the A/C room where the A/C effect was very less. As per our prior decision, we ordered thali and biryani and crispy veg babycorn. Crispy baby corn was the usual. The thali was amazing!
They serve 2 chapathis with the spicy pappu (dal), veg subzi and spicy red chutney. The pappu I tasted was the best till date. Then it was the rice with sambhar, rasam and curd. Sambhar was spicier and left me craving for more. The spicy curd served was tangy!! The payasam was ok. I ended my meal with the curd rice with the mouth watering pickle. It made y day :)

The biryani was so aromatic, the moment its placed on the table, you would feel the aromas of spices filling your face completely and make you dig into it immediately. Hmmm awesome is the word!!

The only problem I had here was with the water they serve. It was smelling of oil the tumbler wasnt washed well. So, we opted for the mineral water. I could also notice lizards on the wall that dint make me feel comfortable.

For a south indian whose staple food is rice and loves the spicy andhra thali and biryani with some adjustments with the water and lizards on wall, this is the place one should never miss.

Bheemas is located @ 31, Asha Building, Church Street, Bangalore
Phone 25587389, 41122535

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