Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cafe Masala

The Big Bang Effect

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After reading so many good things about the buffet at Café Masala on burrp! I had no choice but to try this out :)

I went there with a few of my colleagues for dinner and you bet I was completely bowled over at their big bang buffet spread!

In total agreement with ashwinsid’s review, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it specially the starters and the dessert.

A few of my colleagues who had come here before, after the starters, headed straight to the dessert section coz’ they dint want to have lesser space in their stomach for desserts by eating the main course.

I made sure I tasted everything though I had to eat all little less. But, this resulted in me not having enough of all that I wanted. They had a spread of amazing salads and starters. The starters were grilled live on the table (little Barbeque Nation effect) and was served. The rotis were soft and mushy, the gravies were tangy and super. Navathna Kurma was one of the best I’ve had till date. It was just so amazing; I was relishing and talking about it for quite a while.

I wanna talk more about the desserts. “Umm” - that was all we were saying in between the hogging session. I have no words to describe the spread of desserts they had. I gave up my dieting completely for that night and relished eat bit of the desserts. The chocolate truffle, the jalebi, marsh mellow, butterscotch pastry, walnut brownie, jamoon, rosagulla, rabdi – I literally stuffed myself with it coz it was so good to taste!

I got too busy and was so engrossed in eating, I dint pay much attention to anything else there. For dinner, its 399+tax which came upto Rs.450 per head.

Completely overwhelmed, after the experience here, I’ve never been satisfied with any other buffet. Don’t know if its wrong to compare, but, unconsciously I do!

This I call – The Big Bang Effect!!

I’d surely go there again soon with an empty stomach :)

Cafe Masala is located @ No.60, 5th Floor, Eva Mall, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Phone 41113388, 41118477, 41118466, 41118422

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