Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cafe Arogya

For Health Freaks

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After getting to know about how people here prepare food, I pulled my friend to eat some very healthy food for a change.
It’s a very small place with around 10 tables, the walls brightly painted with green and orange color. On the walls, you will also find some posters and paper cuttings which talks about eating healthy and using olive oil etc..

As we started looking at the menu card, a gentleman came to us and enquired if it was our first time there. And to our nod, he started telling us about the restaurant, the theme, etc. Their focus is healthy and oil free food. They use very less or no oil and the oil used is only olive oil. There’s absolutely no usage of butter, ghee and fresh cream to any of the dishes they cook.
There’s option for meals and a la carte menu. We had vegetable and rice broth soup (few rice grains and vegetables dipped in hot water) and kebab (this was good) for the starters both being not a part of the meal. After this we ordered for 2 meals. The meal for lunch is more exhaustive than the dinner. The dinner consists of 3 phulkas / 2 rotis, 1 subzi, dal, paneer and capsicum gravy, white rice, vegetable rice (hardly any vegetable in this) and a cup of curd. There was very little oil in all these and almost salt less.

The salads they have is full of sprouts, tofu, greens and loads of vegetables. People who are major health freaks and avoid all the oily, masala and salty stuffs, this is the place to be. For somebody like me, it’s a place to visit once in life time!

A meal would cost Rs.100 and Rs.80 for lunch and dinner respectively!

Cafe Arogya is located @ KK Center, 88, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone 41273705

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