Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heera Panna

Heera - Panna ki Tamanna

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I stumbled upon this brand new restaurant a few days back. It attracted my attention with its different looks. This is what made me decide I should try it out soon :)

So, I was there for the Sunday dinner. This is in the same building as that of the Bose showroom.
The stairs you take to reach the restaurant on the first floor is unconventional. So, please take care and put your foot right to avoid the fall.
I was there without booking the table prior. Fortunately, we got the table. The moment I entered, I felt I’m in a palace!!!
It was so beautifully decorated with heera and panna color all over with the combination of pink silk cloth. I could never imagine I’ll get to see a place like this on a bustling church street. The waiters were all decked up in heavy costume, reflecting the senapathis of Rajas and Maharajas of India. The turban was decorated with pearls (ofcourse artificial) and their necks were hanging of huge chains.
Each table was lit from inside to give a beautiful shade to a kind of rangoli made on it and covered with the subtle pink silk cloth. Also, all the tables had a huge candle stand made of glass (I’ve seen it only in the movies) with a small candle burning in it giving an amazing effect to your dinner. The roof had a beautiful flowery decoration painted which i was frequently looking at.

I noticed a few customers loved to wear the turban and the gown. The waiters were helping them to wear the same!

The very courteous waiters spoke to us of their new restaurant which opened 4 days back and handed over the menu card to us. We ordered a mocktail (chocolate and butterscotch based) and sweet lime soda. For starters we tried veg gulauti kabab. This reminded me of what I had eaten at sikandar long back and the one served here was far better than that though the quantity here was too less.

For the main course, I opted for the afgan roti and my friend had gobi parantha with veg kadai. Both the roti and the parantha were soft and delicious and the veg kadai left us wanting for more. It was too tasty and the quantity was lesser. Since the quantity of the food they served was slightly lesser, there was still space in my tummy. We tried the channa pais which I assumed would be different from the usual sweets but unfortunately, it was just like Ras Malai but smaller in size. I was not too happy with this one and this alone cost us 165 bucks!!!

The best part about this entire experience is when it comes to writing the feedback. They give you the feedback form on a wooden stand decorated with some kinda crystals on it, a green colored ink bottle with a feather with nib at the end of it. This was the first time I used this to write and was all excited about it :)

They also have a dining hall on the next floor which is more formal with white cushion seats and was elegant in its own way.

A meal for two would cost approximately around Rs.750/-

A must try for the delicious food and the great ambience… More importantly, for the theme and the experience.

Heera Panna is located @ Off Brigade Road, Opp Nasa Pub, Church Street, Bangalore
Phone 41152727, 41143737

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