Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Silk Route Bar and Restaurant

Good and Affordable

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Whenever I’ve passed by this restaurant, I always thought this would be my next destination in my culinary journey! I was waiting for my professional friend and in the mean while I took a look at the interiors and the lighting of the restaurant. They’ve used dark mahogany wood for the furniture and the heavy door with off-white colored paint on the wall to contrast the same. The hall was dim lit and got completely filled by 8PM. I never knew this place gets so crowded so soon!

Almost 2 years have gone by since we met and I was so delighted to receive my friend! He wanted to order flavored vodka but none were available. He checked for scotch and that was out of stock too. Finally, the gentleman ended with whiskey and CPC (Cherry, Pineapple and Cheese).

He relished that combination through out the meal.

We ordered hot and sour soup which was decent enough and met our expectations. We decided not have a very heavy meal so, ordered peas pulav. The quantity was huge and more than sufficient for the 2 of us.

The booze here is pretty cheap compared to other bar and restaurants. A meal for two with drinks would cost around Rs.600/- The crowd mainly consisted of corporate and a very few collegiate. I’ve heard the buffet lunch here is amazing! May be next time, I should try it out myself and looks it that day isn’t very far :)

Silk Route Bar and Restaurant is located @ No.263, Amm Tower, Dr Marigowda Rd, Hosur Mn Rd, Wilson Garden, Bangalore
Phone 65379903, 65379904

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