Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gufha, The President Hotel

Aaja Gufhaaoon Mein Aa

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I dont know how many times I've been to this place with friends, colleagues and relatives and every time, I fall in love with this place all over again!
Its on 5th floor and feels as though you are entering a cave the moment you step out the lift.

The janitor and the waitors dressed in the Shikhari Shambu costume welcome you with their pleasant smile! One of the kids with us actually got scared with one of their's mustache :P

The cavy wall is covered with creeper kinda stuff with the effect of some snake, owl et all over in addition to the creepy and freaky sounds once in a while.
The uneven wooden tables with comfy chairs are arranged not in a very organised way to give the unusual look.
The menu is extensive with the afgan cuisine. I've loved all that I've tasted here and a few hard core non-veggie friends of mine get into the eating groove and somebody will actually have to remind them that they need to stop at one point in time and gotta head back home.

One would be so enthralled to see the presentation of a few of the orders!!! The sparkler cracker is brought along :) I've noticed a few kids order the same thing again and again just coz' they get the sparkler along!
More than the food, the ambience, the presentation and the service takes away all the points. Ofcourse the food is really good and highly appreciated. Highly recommended to experience all that I've mentioned.... not once, but many a times :)

FYI: Please make reservations before you head there. Else, you end up waiting for a long time!

Gufha, The President Hotel is located @ #79/8, Diagonal Road, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 41808777

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