Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kamat Ahar

For Breakfast and Snacks

This is also available on burrp!
This place hidden amidst the subhiksha mall in 3rd block, which I did not sight for quite a while!
Most of the times filled with the college goers and the middle aged, this place serves the good south indian breakfast, chaats and fresh fruit juice.

The compound of the building accomodates 4 tables made of black granite stone with 2 plastic chairs on either side and a big slab of granite on the other side which could accomodate 2 / 3 people at a time.
I have been to this place around 3 times now, its never been disappointing. The upma and the masala dosa tastes great for breakfast, the snacky time chaat was good and the fresh fruit juices are ok.

One of the favorite adda for namma Bengaluru collegers to hang out and create cacophony!!!

Kamat Ahar is located @ 3RD Block, Near Whizz, OPP. Hopcoms, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 22909676

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