Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snack O Cane (SOC)

Pani Puri and Fresh Sugarcane Juice

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I’ve never tasted the authentic Kolkata Pani Puris so I definitely cant vouch for the one available here. All that I can say is, this place caught may eye while I was taking a stroll in jayanagar recently and they do make tasty pani puris :)

Without any second thought, I just barged in and ordered for Pani Puri. The pani is filled in the container instead in the puris making it floating pani puri.

It tastes heavenly and after that day, I’ve been quite regular here. Also, tried the fresh sugarcane juice (which is my all time favorite). Its just like any other new sugarcane outlets (cane-o-la and real cane sugarcane) with the similar combination of plain, lemon, ginger, chaat masala and pepper.

They also make sandwich which I’ve never tried till date. Looks yummy though!

It’s a small place in the same building as that of glitters near NMKRV College. One has to stand and eat as there’s no space for seating.

I go there to eat the irresistible spicy pani puri and the ginger lemon combination of Sugarcane juice to cool myself up!

SOC is located @ 22nd Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore

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