Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My Dil Goes Ummm...

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I’ve been goin’ to this place for 3 years now and fallen in love with the food everytime!

Generally, this place is too crowded and one has to book the table and wait in front of the restaurant. They also expect you to place the order right there so that the food is served without delay when you occupy the table. The interiors are decorated with colorful clothes with mirror work. There are 2 kinds of tables. The special ones are low rise tables with low rise chairs with cushions. Though I prefer this one, it depends on the crowd and the number of whom I go with.
I love the jal jeera and aam shikhanji here. One of the best I have ever tasted. The cutlery used is all made of heavy metal and are copper plated. They claim, the vegetables and the ingredients used here are carefully handpicked and are taken utmost care while cooking!

Well, well.. the quantity served is apt and the food tastes yummy! I have tasted almost everything here and each of those is finger licking!!

One negative point here is, the waiters are in such a hurry, looks like they just want to serve and shoo you away asap so that they could accommodate more customers. Once, one of my uncles hadn’t finished eating, the waiter did not even bother to check if he could clear it up but just picked the plate to clear the table.
This could be a better place if the hurrying up in the service reduces to some extent.

Gramin is located @ 20-21, 7th Block, Raheja Arcade, Opposite Vodafone Showroom, Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone 41104104

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