Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Viking Family Bar and Restaurant

Ok, if you dont have a choice

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My friend and I after a tiring match were hunting for some good eat outs around and found this one. Entered to surprisingly find only us!! The place looked slightly shady without any room for fresh air. We quickly ordered a paneer starter, missi roti, kulcha, roomali roti and Viking special veg along with it.

Paneer was very soft and after a long time, I had eaten something like this. Missi roti had some grains of sugar on it, kulcha and roomali roti were the usual. The Viking special veg gravy was spicier.

We were so hungry and tired, never realized how we hogged the food so fast. My friend prefers only warm water and the waiters had to be reminded umpteen number of times to get it and they ended up getting it when we were paying the bill, and again after a reminder!

It’s an ok place to opt for, if you don’t have any other choice

Viking Family Bar and Restaurant is located @ 136, 8th Main Road, 15th Cross, Malleshweram, Malleshwaram, Bangalore
Phone 23467992, 23444411

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