Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Angana Country Inn

Beautiful Landscape

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Beautiful Landscape and there ends the appreciation! We went there for a team outing on a Sunday and were completely impressed by the landscape. It was really well designed. As we went in, we saw a small swimming pool and a kid pool. The entire resort has a rustic and ethnic look with lush green lawn with the space for water bodies in between. It probably would have looked better if they’d let the water flow in that small artificial valleys they have made and in the middle, there was the open air theater where one could conduct a few events.

The welcome drink was fresh lime juice. We had that and immediately started searching for some games where we could get ourselves busy. There were some old badminton rackets which was almost broken, cricket bat that had kinda lost its shape. There was a basket ball court but the ball wasn’t available. The badminton court was the same as well (this was outdoor!!!!). We tried playing but could not as it was too windy and too many trees and its branches to catch the shuttle cock.

Since, we had our own games arranged, we definitely had some fun. It was the lunch time, and I was trying to check if there’s something interesting. There was phulkas which was ofcourse soft with bhindi subzi and malai kofta. Both were just OK. Bhindi subzi made at home would be much better. Kofta did not have sufficient salt. The pulav was better though it had half cooked vegetables. The dal and rasam were edible. The chicken tikka and the chiken curry were not great either. The ice-cream tasted weird but the Gulab Jamoon was good. This was the only good thing!

Overall, the meal was just average. After a while of rest, we all got into the small pool which wasn’t clean either :(
Dissatisfied, I got out of it pretty soon and continued with the other games. The complete packages costs Rs.520 per person which I felt wasn’t worth for the kind of food and service provided. They also have cottages for people who want stay for more than a day and relax. That place looked attractive though I could not take a proper look.

Overall, an OK place to go and chill out during a weekend. Its on the 25th mile from the city, 2 kms before Guhantara. One needs to take a right turn after around 4kms once you notice the Main Gate of Art of Living. There are all possibilities you may miss the small board directing you to take the right turn to reach the resort. So, watch out!!!

Angana Country Inn is located @ 55, Pattareddy Palya, Kaggalipura, 25th Km, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore
Phone 9448384320, 28432888, 28425622

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