Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Wholesome Meal

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I heard rave reviews about this place from so many of my near and dear ones and everybody were surprised to know I hadnt tried this place yet!!!
I love the food at MTR, and since people were comparing this place to MTR, I could not wait any longer.

All set to have the meal, my friend and I went there on a rainy evening. The ground floor has sweets and savouries arranged in a neat way that attracts and could make us surely buy something. The completely crowded 1ft floor, had people busily binging on their snacks. Also, you will sight many waiting outside to do the same.

We enquired if we have to give our names and wait in the queue or is there some space. The gentleman asked us if we were there for dinner. Looking at the glee in our eyes, nod and the big smile, he directed us towards 2nd floor. We went there to realise just 3 tables empty. Barged in and occupied one of those as there were many others taking more time to decide which table they should opt for. I probably should have waited, but in these kinnda places, this is what we should do to get and hold on to our tables.

The wait was little long for them to serve us the water and take our order. The second floor is meant for meals only! There are 2 types of meals they serve - for Rs.50 and Rs.100
The difference between the two is, the later has juice, sweet and ice-cream in addition. We opted for the 2nd one.
A huge rectangular plate was placed with cup like partitions in the front. A similar circular plate is used in MTR.
Then the usual vegetable saagu, alu saagu, cabbage subzi and the channa dal usali was served. Then came the papad, vangi bath and raita. I relished it completely. Specially the raita :)
Later, it was the turn of milk peda, rice and rasam, rice and sambhar (both with oodles of ghee) and the rice and curd. Here, rice and curd is served separately unlike the seasoned mixed curd rice in MTR.

A very sumptuous meal and total satisfaction for a south indian palate. If one can somehow manage with the crowd and hold on to the table, nothing can stop you savouring your favourite meal! One would mostly find the family crowd (I found only families. Probably I was the only one with a friend). Thoroughly loved everything and next time, I'd go there during the snack time.. May be try out dosa which's been praised quite a bit

Maiya's is located @ 737/C, 7th Cross, 12th Main, BTM Layout, Bangalore
Phone 26684680, 26684693

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