Friday, January 30, 2009

SLV Corner

For a Fast Grub

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My friend and I had been planning to meet for a while in vain, finally on a ad hoc decision, met up during the office hours for lunch in SLV Corner. Somebody told me, food here tastes better than the other closeby restaurants.

My friend, being a jain doesn’t eat onion and garlic and a few other vegetables. So, keeping all this in mind, we stepped into SLV. Both of us were too hungry and had sooooooooo much to talk, we quickly placed our order for starters. It was Vegetable Cashew without onion and garlic and the quantity served was huge for the two of us. I, for a second thought, my lunch would be complete with the starters alone.

Hmmm… it was yummy. Never had tried this one with my own presumptions. It was cooked with the right ingredients and I really thought I should this and nothing else for lunch.

For the main course, we ordered the rotis, naans with paneer butter masala (this is the only thing my friend eats) and navarathna kurma without onion and garlic. Never knew these things would taste so good without the flavor of onion and garlic. We came out completely satisfied and overloaded.

The dining hall was not well lit, gets too crowded during the lunch hour so make sure you reach the place little early and yeah, it gets too noisy too during the peak hours. To conclude, I would say, ambience was Ok, food and the service were good. For a quick grub, you could head to SLV Corner if you are loitering around Basavanagudi

SLV Corner is located @ 42 Ramakrishna Ashrama Complex, Vani Vilas Road, Nr Hopcoms, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Phone 26609671, 26509423

Lanmark: Near Ramakrishna Ashram

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