Thursday, January 29, 2009


Food With Magical Aroma

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Wanted to try new and something different after a tiring day @ Chennai. Conversed with the auto driver telling him what kind of a restaurant we are looking for in my broken tamil and let him decide on the restaurant.
Guess what!!?? He dropped us at an amazing place :)

It was a pretty big complex and contained the boards of different restaurants. We were delighted and very thankful to the auto driver who let us curb our hunger in style.
The complex consisted of Mainland China, Tandoor, The Pub Hub and the Sigree. All this, we gotta know comes under the Speciality Restaurants Group.

Didn't wanted to try Mainland China and Tandoor as we have them in Bangalore. We thought we would try our hands with The Pub Hub. Since, many of our friends were Teatotallers, we changed our decision and stepped into Sigree. The restaurant was huge and Spacious, very well lit (infact it was too bright, hitting us from all the directions). They played the old hindi instrumental which is supposed to be very soothing and melodious to the ears but unfortunately it was just tooooooo loud. The tables were low, wide and broad

Sigree, basically means food cooked in a snails pace in an iron vessel (An ethnic vessel called Lagan) over charcoal. For most of the dishes, they claim, a variety of ingredients is soaked and cooked for as long as 40 hours.
The ambience was good and we gotta see a different crowd from what we saw in the mornings. It was hot and happening and my guy friends finally gotta see gals with skimpy clothes and were more than happy as they were missing all this from the time we stepped into chennai.

Now, coming to the food part, we had amazingly soft rotis, a mixed-veg gravy, chicken gravy (my friends loved it so much, they relished licking their finger)
Then came the most interesting one.. The Biryani :) It had such good aroma, we were all flat over it. Completely fell for it. It had a very different aroma.. Very different from the one we get in Bangalore. The rice was perfectly cooked with a pinch of Kesar

Few of us also had drinks but, nothing can beat bangalore in that. They did not have a menu card for the drinks. Hence, the waiter had to give us the list orally and he wasnt good enough in doing that.

Overall, the seating was perfectly placed, ambience was good, food was delicious and amazingly good, music was too loud (Should I say Noisy??) and the lighting was too bright. Having 3 restaurants and 1 bar, there was very less parking space (Was not a problem for us as we caught a auto rickshaw)

Highly recommended for the first timers @ chennai and definitely for people who hail from chennai :)

Sigree is Located @ Hotel Aruna Complex, 5th Floor, 144/145 Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
Phone 42664222, 28238286, 43596224/28

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