Friday, January 30, 2009

Boca Grande

For all the Big Mouths..

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This place caught my eye the previous day when I was heading for dinner in koramangala. Next day, a colleague also spoke about his experience here. This was enough and I could not wait longer to go there.

Boca Grande is made up in a house converted to an eat out. You could park your bikes / cars in the vacant site next to it. The portico nicely designed is completely used for the dining purpose.

When you enter, on the left hand side, neatly placed tables on the pebbles would be found with a small waterfall towards the wall. There are a few more tables placed in front of the entrance.
They have used a black stone slab for the tables placed here. As you go in, you would find a huge hall ahead with the ice cream, salad counter placed on the right hand side. Take a few steps to the mezzanine floor to find the dining area. When we went, there was a party going on here hosted by an IT major in Bangalore.

One would find the kitchen with a semi transparent door - the idea is to let the visitors have a sneak peek into the kitchen and know whats going on there. Next to it is a stair way which takes you to the first floor lounge where the chic and trendy couches and the big flat screen TVs are found and one would find people who are leisurely spending time here, feeling @ home, comfortable leaning on the sofa and resting their legs on the table.
There’s also a space for shopping :) you find designer clothes to artifacts to the feng shui stuffs for sale!!
Welcome to Boca Grande!! I am sure with the kind of service offerings they have, my kinda people would barge in more frequently.

Boca Grande which means “Big Mouth” in Spanish and Italian, they call themselves a lounge pad and a place to meet, greet and most definitely eat. It’s a restaurant, cafĂ©, dessert bar and ice cream bar.. This is a joint venture between Java City and Flavors and is completely wi-fi enabled and an added advantage for our techies in Bangalore.

My friend and I opted to sit in the portico. The ash tray on the table had a piece of chalk in it. Though tried to figure out why that was there initially, we realized, it was for us to use it to play games using the table slab as the board!! Oh yes! They offer multiple games… from board games to others at no extra cost.

I could also notice a number of quirky statements on their walls which definitely attracts the attention. Now, coming to the substance – the food, let me start with the menu card. It came in a big paper bag and was like a jigsaw puzzle. Different cards for desserts, ice creams, pizzas, salads, pastas, drinks etc.. Each card had segregations - Herbigorge (Veg) and Omnigorge (Non-veg).

We ordered the black current American soda pop and I selfishly sipped to my satisfaction. It was served in a huge glass and wish I had more. Just loved it. The potato wedges spicy was the best I have ever tasted till date. Pizza comes in one standard size (medium). This one is definitely something that needs a mention here. Made of thin crust and crispy to taste. A Must try!! Finally, we came to an end and relished the Rum to hell (rum and raisin) and the brownie sundae ice cream.

We very badly wanted to try Oooozy Goooozy which is their speciality. Thanks to the waiters who informed us that it would take atleast 30 minutes to prepare as its baked fresh. Next time, I’d make sure I order it in prior and enjoy what I am craving for.

Look out for some live music from the famous bands and the amateur college bands, merchandising (Mugs and T-Shirts) and the Breakfast menu soon.

For the 2 of us, the bill was around 400 plus. I’d definitely recommend this place for all those who are wanting to have a different experience, leisurely spend time, play games, enjoy the food from breakfast to dinner with lip smacking drinks (FYI: Alcohol is not served here) It’s a place not just to have food, but definitely enjoy and take back the experience along and come back for more A biiiig thumbs up for Boca Grande!!

Service : Good
Place : Cool
Ambience : Super Cool
Food : Super Duper
Price : Worth All the Above

Boca Grande is located @ 606, 8th Block, Near Bethany High School, Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone 41105183, 41110889

Landmark: Digonally opp Police Station

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