Thursday, January 29, 2009

Murugan Idli Shop

For Super Soft Idlis

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Never heard of this before and our entire gang bumped into Murugan Idli Shop during our loafing session in Chennai.
It was crowded and we had to wait for around 10mins and what we got to eat is definitely worth a wait.

Somebody told me, the first idli shop belonging to this chain, was started during the pre-independence period. People from Chennai could throw more light on this if they have the relevant data.. Anybody listening???
The claim they serve the best Idlis.. and they really do. The most amazing, soft idlis are served on a plaintain leaf with 3 kinds of chutneys - Coconut, mint and tomato and ofcourse Sambar. All of us got busy in trying out on whatever was served. After a moment of silence, completely satisfied, we opened our mouth to talk - to order the next round of idlis!!!

The sweet pongal was delicious and the dosas were too huge. The Vada was ok. There were many other on their menu list. We did not try as our stomachs were overloaded.

The tables are closely placed and dont expect to get a separate table for your gang / family. You wanna enjoy the idlis, be ready to share the tables with the unknown. Dont worry, you would not be too bothered after you are completely engrossed in eating idlis

We were out with complete satisfaction and all praises to Murugan Idli Shop I give it a Two Thumbs up!!

Murugan Idli Shop is located @ No.9, Ramanathan Street, T.Nagar, Chennai
Phone 24345343

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