Thursday, January 29, 2009



The moment you enter TADKA, you feel out of the world!! Really!

I was shocked and surprised to see such a well done and fine arrangement. I could not believe my eyes... Such a cool place in 4th Block, Jayanagar. Wow!!!!

The restautant is on the top floor open air, roof covered & a well made patio furniture. For a moment it looked like the top floor of the Casa Picola in 4th Block, Jayanagar (Which used to be one of our regular addas during college days)
They serve the typical Lucknowi Food. The cocktails and the mocktails combination was just like any other restaurant.

For the first time I got to taste the Lucknowi food and it was mindblowing.
They also have a singer singing live for us. Aint it cool??? Its mostly ghazlas and old hindi songs (the singer spoilt the songs though)

On a whole, the experience I had here was different from the others and is definitely worth a try.
FYI: There are no loos here. You gotta use the one in Banjara

Hold on!! There's another info for all of you. Those who pay the bills by American Express Card would get a 20% discount on their bills :) Isnt that amazing??

So people, how about a dinner @ TADKA soon....

Tadka is located @ BDA Shopping Complex, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone 41538865, 41471133

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