Thursday, April 16, 2009

UD Residency - The Royal Treat

Madly Crowded

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This restaurant by UD group is tucked in a small bylane next to Keane IT Company on the South End Road. My friend and I were planning to go out for a while and thought of this place. Went there a little early by around 12:30PM and dint find many people occupying the table. There’s a spacious reception and the waiting area via which one needs to enter the dining hall. The dining hall is brightly lit with the rust brown and off-white combination and the tables very closely placed next to each other. People who are moderately / heavily built may find it difficult to squeeze in themselves.

We ordered sweet corn soup which was the usual. Later, it was baby corn thingy for the starter which was good! The masala papad was good too. I’ve seen in a few places where they add little grated coconut to the masala while dressing the papad. This is one such place. The main course, they said, the spinach corn rice was the specialty of the day! We ordered the same and it was nowhere close to a specialty dish. But, it was definitely edible.

By the time we started ordering our main course, the dining hall was jam packed not leaving any space for the people to move. Forget the customers; there was hardly any space for the waiters to move too! The meal was satisfactory but the place gets too crowded during lunch / dinner in no time. So, if you want to eat peacefully, go there a little early. A meal for two could approximately cost around 300 bucks!

UD Residency - The Royal Treat is located @ 19/2, South End Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Phone 22454580, 22454581, 22454582

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  1. ah yes...this place has been the venue for many family treats and dinners recently...