Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sultanate of Swing

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After the Transporter 3 show in the late evening, we headed straight to the SOS pub. Many people are not aware of its existence. Neither was I till recently. Reason could be, its entrance is hidden unlike the Bull n Bush and Sikander on the same floor.

The thick metallic door leads to the noisy lounge with the big screen tv sporting the matches. There was hardly any space left. So, we were directed towards the other lounge which has a separate entrance on the left hand side of the entrance door. This is slightly bigger than the first one and definitely accommodates more people.

It’s filled with the small cozy seats aptly designed for the couples. The music is really loud as it is supposed to be in any pub. The dim light contrasted the ambience. The vibrations from the music was so loud, we felt it in our tables and seats as though the speakers were right under us. As there are no more dance floors in Bangalore now, a few were trying to shake their legs in the place they were standing, enjoying the music, drink and ofcourse the cricket match that was being played on their big screen.

We ordered the usual KF pint and pineapple sour (whiskey based) cocktail. To accompany our drinks, we’d ordered the veg tandoor platter assuming it would fill our stomachs as we were hungry too. But, the quantity was so less, it nowhere closer to the satisfaction. Unlike the usual, we gulped down the drinks pretty fast. The total damage was around Rs.550

People, who love grooving into the loud hip-hip, rock and heavy metal music along with the lovely drink, check this place out!!!

SOS is located @ Garuda Mall, 4th Floor, Magrath Road, Bangalore
Phone 41126661, 41126683

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