Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bobby's Dhaba


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So many good reviews, so many praises and so many finger licking goodies, helped me made up my mind, and I was bent upon trying this place for sure for the Sunday dinner. MY friend and I reached there at 7:45PM on the dot. Its adjacent to the Gurudwara and there’s no board to indicate its Bobby’s Dhaba. Looking at the crowd, I realized it cant be any other place and just barged in. found the menu on the wall with not too many varieties listed. They give you a small chit, where one has to write down the list of things one wishes to eat with their name. This is handed over to the person who takes the order. Looking at the menu, he asks us if we need curd along with it – “Saath mein dahi chaahiye Maharaj / Madam Ji”

After, I placed my order, I was told it would take a minimum of 1 hour!!!!! Though I had a strange expression on my face, my friend said, we’ll wait. He wanted to see if so many people come here, there has to be something very special about it and we need to check it out! During our wait, we noticed, its such a small place and they can accommodate maximum of 25 people. People just come there to enjoy the food. One can’t afford to sit and relax, enjoy the ambience (FYI - there’s no ambience)

We were finally called to occupy our seats by 9:15PM. A small table with wooden stools is what you would find there. I was too hungry and was just waiting for them to serve my food asap. A plate full of salad (cucumber and onion) was served. Then it was a big glass of butter milk. I placed the order assuming, they’d it would be Punjabi type lassi. But, it was the masala lassi by nandhini. Then, it was the turn of the kheer. This was made of rice and one of the yummiest I’ve ever had. Following this, we were served the main course – alu parantha, methi parantha, shahi paneer and alu gobi. The parantha was topped with a huge block of butter. Though I was shocked to see the amount of butter generously served, I realized after a few minutes, the paranthas would not have tasted so good without it. The shahi paneer, again with oodles of butter, is the best I’ve ever had. Ordered 2 more paranthas and lassi, we were completely full with satisfaction and glee in our eyes!

The best part is all this relishing experience cost us Rs.190 bucks!! The only drawback is the waiting time. Anybody, planning to go there, get there early to avoid waiting for a longer time!

I also happened to see a print out there which said, very soon they are coming up with another branch of theirs, opposite ulsoor lake near photo flash. This is definitely a good news all the foodies

Bobby's Dhaba is located @ Next To Gurudwara, Kingston Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore

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