Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sapthagiri Davanagere Benne Dosa

Oodles of Butter - Left, Right and Center

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My friend and I bumped into this new place, opened around 10 days back to indulge ourselves in the Davanagere type of dosa. Its small place, looks like any other darshini of Bangalore, but, they’ve managed to place some chairs inside where one could sit but, hold the plates in hand to relish your food!
We placed an order for 2 butter dosas. I was damn curious to see how he makes it. So, just stood bang opposite the guy who were making these buttery and fluffy dosas. Well, after he pours the dosa batter, he puts small blocks of butter all over the dosa. A minute later, he reverses it, adds more butter on the top of it. A few more seconds and the crispy dosa gets ready to get into our respective palates :)

The potato masala they give along with the dosa is different from the usual masala dosa. This, they say is the authentic Davanagere Style! Its mashed potato with salt in it. And ofcourse, how is it complete without the spicy coconut chutney? All this together making an amazing combination, the dosa slides as into the mouth as smooth as the butter. Within no time, we had swiped our plates and were full with greasy dosa.

Apart from what we had, they also make masala dosas, set dosa, open dosa (they add some kinda powder on the top of the dosa. Must be something similar to chuntney powder), khali dosa, mandakki oggarane (it’s puffed rice with turmeric and onion seasoned well) and Menasinakaayi bhajji.
I also got to taste the mandakki which was so-so. But, the dosa is something which is not to be missed.
Each bite is more worth than the money you pay and I’m sure one could thoroughly enjoy it just like we did!

Sapthagiri Benna Masala Dosa is located @ 7/1, Banshankari 1st Stage, Kathriguppe Main Road, Bangalore

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